Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wilder Style: Daytrip Society in Kennebunkport, Maine

If I were to open a shop I imagine it would look something like Daytrip Society in Kennebunkport, Maine. At least I would want it to; I doubt I could put together something as well curated, arranged, and thought out. I recently went into the adorable store and chatted with co-owner Jessica Jenkins, poked around, took some pictures, and bought a hat. Because you can never have enough cute winter hats, and I severely underestimated how cold Maine would be in mid-November (after living there for five years you'd think I'd remember, but I guess I've grown soft in the big city)... more after le jump.

Jessica and her husband Andy West were executives in the music industry in New York City before quitting their jobs and heading north to open Daytrip Society. Jessica was a producer, and her attention to detail and coordination shows in the beautiful displays. Andy worked as a graphic designer and still busts out his design chops for the store—when I was in over the summer I came away with one of his awesome postcards:

I loved how cozy and well thought through the whole experience of moving through the store is. Every piece Jessica and Andy sell makes sense there and is meant to inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for well-made, well-designed objects. Their aesthetic really clicked with mine: It's a mix of nautical and rustic elegance (mixed with some wanderlust) that gets my heart beating and the shutter of my camera clicking a bit faster. And I especially liked Jessica and Andy's focus on goods that aren't detrimental to the environment.

Jessica could not have been nicer as she watched me photograph and move around (and knock over? My most sincere apologies) Sea Bags, play with the cool wooden iPhone dock, ogle Retro Super Future Sunglasses, and touch every single amazing blanket they sell. I cannot recommend the store highly enough to anyone looking for a place to do their holiday shopping—Hanukkah is coming up pretttttty soon after all, guys (I'm a size 9.5 shoe, a extra-small medium in clothes, and I love all of the housewares they sell). Also, it would be a great excuse to sneak away to Maine for the weekend, though their online store is also fully stocked.

A big thanks to Jessica for taking the time to chat with me, and be sure to follow Daytrip on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Love the white and blue simple baking set. Mmm. 

Ok, this is the best thing ever: a pillow in the shape of a buoy with the classic Pendleton blanket colors on it. Jessica had it commissioned and I want thousands of them.

More cool buoy pillows and Jessica's hand. 

Retro Super Future sunglasses. Uh-mazing. In-credible. 

I blogged about Swan's Island a while ago...two years ago now? But the love still stands. 

These slippers were the hardest thing I have ever not bought. That's a lie, actually, there was once a sandwich that I could have given my left arm for but didn't have my wallet. Something to do with avocado and bacon and honey mustard and freshly baked bread. But I digress. These guys are Armor-Lux slippers and their website is in French so that's kind of all I know about them.

Sea Bags. Can't say much more other than that I have four and still want more of them. 

The cutest little Christmas display you ever did see!

Rope coasters. Awesome. But they're made by a brand with Nantucket in the name and buying them feels like cheating on Maine. Never said I wasn't weird. 

LOVE this little balsam pillow. I think the quotation is getting at the sentiment of do something yourself and it will be twice as satisfying but it could also just be advocating for chopping your own wood. Henry Ford was anti-Semitic though so I didn't buy the pillow.

FLORALS!!!!! I love this. 

Hershel Supply's lady bags. Sloane Ranger. Get it? Clever.

Sea bag close-up. 

One more buoy pillow shot. Couldn't resist.

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