Monday, January 7, 2013

Wilder Pictures + Wilder Beatz: My Favorite Barn (and) Bruce

There's a barn in Rockport, Maine along the main road that leads into the village. It stands overlooking the harbor, and the low winter light hits it in the afternoons, highlighting the peeling paint and stretching the shadows of the trees across the wide, toothy pattern of the missing shingles. Someone recently bought the house and the barn, so I'm guessing the dilapidated facade isn't long for this world. When I was there over the holidays I took a few pictures in case it is indeed a little spruced up by the time I get back up there. Or, god forbid, gone (more after the jump).

I've also been obsessed lately with Bruce Springsteen's newest album (not terribly new anymore, I realize) and it seems like a great one to wind down your Monday. So here, "Easy Money" from Wrecking Ball. For no reason and with no connection to barns.

And now, le barn:

And here are a few Rockport Harbor shots just because.


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  1. I love that look of clapboard on the sides and shingles on the ends. Very New England coastal.


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