Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ten Things I Like: Instagram Edition (Includes J.Crew Pants, Sunsets, and Rosie The Dog in Sunglasses)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was so much fun; it involved photo shoots (more on that in a future post), tons of good friends, and more laughing fits than I've had in a while. There are few better combinations (unless all of these things took place in the Carribean because let me tell you, winter looks a lovely shade of pale right now).

I don't have a theme for this "ten things" other than the fact that they all came from my Instagram feed. I know, I know, it's a lazy way to put together a blog post, but it's what I've got at the moment. And while I usually post these on Fridays, I didn't want to wait. So here, without further ado, 10 Things I Like (after the jump):

1. J.Crew Pixie Pants

You know how some people have outfits they always wear? Like jeans with a white v-neck that they jazz up with jewelry or jackets or cool boots? I feel like these J.Crew Pixie Pants could be my thing. I am so obsessed with them that I got two pairs. They go with anything, but I love pairing them with blazers, boots, and a scarf. That's my unofficial uniform. Do any of you readers have a go-to outfit? And if you say jeans and a white v-neck, send me pictures of how you dress it up. Because I'll probably be into it and post it on here (I secretly wish I could pull that look off all day, everyday).

2. Sunsets and Dear Friends

I recently spent time with some of my best friends by the beach. Great company, great food, and great fires in the fireplace? Game over.

3. Rialto's Lord Grantham Cocktail

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't actually order this. But I love that they have a drink named after a character in Downton Abbey. Because the only thing better than booze is booze named after a character in one of your favorite TV shows.

4. Cookbooks from Cook's Illustrated:

Because the recipes are foolproof and the results are delicious.

5. Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate and Woody Allen Movies

My roommate and I recently had a lovely evening where we drank the best hot chocolate that her mom Santa put in her stocking and watched Woody Allen's Manhattan. 

Speaking of my roommate, she gave me these post-its. Totally rad. And appropriate, given that everything I write down is, indeed, f(lightbulb)cking genius.

7. Dennis Lehane's Live By Night

Because I'm a sucker for a good Boston-based mystery. I'm halfway through this one, and I must say, Lehane definitely wrote it so that it would be turned into a movie; there are many cheesy one-liners. But seeing as I'm having trouble doing anything but read it, I guess he's still got it. Also, Lehane recently lost his dog and has been looking frantically for her. If you find her, he will name a character in his next book after you as a reward. She was last seen in Brookline, and she is a Beagle named Tessa :(

8. Cross Country Skiing in Maine

To ski right next to the that's something.

9. This beautiful breakfast:

I wish I had the recipe to share with you for this "breakfast puff," but alas, I do not. I will try to track it down and share it with it's owners blessing. Until then, the pretty picture will have to suffice.

10. Rosie in glasses: Happy New Year

---end scene---


  1. I could definitely get myself all over that lord grantham cocktail.

    1. And it would be all over you. Amen, sister.


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