Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wilder Pictures: Down by the Bay

The urge to take photos is never stronger than when I'm in Maine. That will come as no surprise to those of you who know me (or have ever read this blog or follow me on any sort of social media--my posts are basically a shrine to the great Pine Tree State). I don't know whether it's the blessed change of pace, the fact that life, when I'm up here, settles into a steady and lovely routine of walks, reading, cooking, and time with my family, or whether it's the incredible beauty of the place. I'm going to go ahead and say it's probably a combination of all the above that get me itching to photograph, draw, and post. There's just not enough time to do it all (more after the jump).

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wilder Style: Snakes on a Bag, c/o Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin's shoes, with their eye-catching, drool-inducing red lacquered soles, are in my mind about as good as it gets (especially when they look like these). But the design house recently proved to me that everything can indeed get better when they tossed this gem into the mix (more after the jump).

Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Things I Like, Volume 16 (Includes Driving Dogs, Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters + More)

Happy Monday, lovely readers! I hope you're all surviving what I'm sure for many of you has been the start of the barrage of holiday parties. I know people complain about their prevalence, but I'm totally into holiday parties. There are few things better than eggnog, and NO things (nothing?) better than Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" after a few glasses of said eggnog (though in all honesty, I'm pretty impressed when people manage more than one...that stuff is RICH).

In all seriousness, though, holiday parties have a glow and a warmth to them that gatherings at other times of year don't. People come together to celebrate brightness at the darkest time of year; it's a tried and true recipe for making it through to the solstice. Because for me, even though the days coming after December 21st are as dark as those leading up to it, just knowing that the days are getting longer makes the short ones that much more bearable. The 21st is a benchmark, a "things are looking up." (more after the jump)