Friday, June 29, 2012

10 Things I Like: Weekend Edition, Volume VI (Summer!!)

It's the first official weekend of summer, and I am going to sail, hike, swim, play golf, and hang with my family and friends up here in mid-coast Maine....which sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend if you ask me. I hope you all have plans that you're equally excited about, and if not, that perhaps some of these 10 Things inspire you in some way. Next week I'll have some more farmer's market photos, a few sailing posts, and I'm going to go ephemera hunting this weekend as well, so hopefully I'll have some pretty cool stuff to show you. In the meantime, may your Friday afternoon fly by! (10 Things after the jump)

Wilder Words + Beautiful Thing of the Day: Moonrise Kingdom

I would watch a Wes Anderson movie in which all the characters do is move from room to room. His plots, while brilliant and important, are almost secondary to the stunning composition and hue of his shots. I've written about The Darjeeling Limited before on TWT as a Wilder Words, and I'm thrilled to add Moonrise Kingdom to the ranks. I love the quotation above for its simplicity and honesty. "I'm on your side." Four words, a whole lot of gravitas.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wilder Home Style: Izola, Izola, Give Me Your Wares (or) Coasters and Tattoos

I know I've come across a store that hits my aesthetic sweet spot when I start getting a little bit giddy as I browse through their offerings. A bubbly feeling percolates under my ribcage, like it does when I'm listening to a really great song (I call those songs "ribcage songs," and yes, "All I Want for Christmas" is definitely one of them--says the Jewish girl). I know something is worth blogging about when I get that feeling and then nod to myself in silent affirmation, as though I'm telling myself, "yes, these things are good things." (awesome, awesome stuff after the jump).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wilder Beatz: Stevie Nicks Singing "The Wild Heart" While Getting Her Makeup Done

Today it's common practice to film brands practicing, goofing around backstage, hanging out in tour vans, even eating breakfast. Cell phone cameras and YouTube have made behind-the-scenes footage easy to capture, and, some might argue, necessary for a band or artist to stay relevant. But back in 1981, the capturing of unscripted moments was less prevalent. Yes, it happened, on photo shoots and for documentaries, but the camera wasn't as ubiquitous, a fact that makes this footage of Stevie Nicks breaking out into "The Wild Heart" while getting her makeup done backstage special and rare (more after the jump).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wilder Pictures + Musings: Farmer's Market, Volume III (and) On Appreciating Being Weird

The great thing about a living in the place I grew up during the summer is that I don't worry whether people think I'm weird. I know they think I'm weird, but I also know (or hope) they like me anyways. I was reminded of the beauty of this comfort on Saturday, when basket-weaver and co-owner of Hubbard Brook Farms, Diane, sought me out at the farmer's market. I'd just done my rounds, gathered my goodies, and exclaimed over her and her husband (and co-owner) Kevin's beautiful and delicious strawberries. They're pictured above, and tasted as purple as they look; luscious, sweet, juicy...perfect. As I was standing in the cheese line, making friends with a couple who had just moved to Maine (probably imposing myself upon them, but hey, life is short and friends are precious) I heard someone calling my name. I turned around to see Diane running towards me, dodging shoppers and baby carriages and dogs (more after the jump).

Monday, June 25, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Map of the Maine Coastline from 1884 (and) Bald Mountain

Maine’s coast, if you stretched it out in a straight line, would extend farther than the widest point of the United States. Fingers of jagged rocks and inlets, coves and beaches, mudflats and swamps, make their way in and out of the Atlantic for 3,478 miles. As I drove the stretch of Route 1 from Wiscasset to Rockport on Friday with my father, he pointed the GPS. “Look, Char,” he said, “it’s like the road is borrowing the land to snake across the little inlets.” (more after the jump).

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wilder Style + Recipes: St. John's Bay Rum (and) Mount Gay Rum Hats + Dark and Stormys

It was so damn hot in Boston today. 95-100 degrees and humid; the kind of heat that feels like you're opening an oven when you leave the air-conditioned splendor of a house, store, or office building. The kind of heat that makes standing by the iced fish counter at Whole Foods feels like a religious experience. That kind.

So I thought today would be a good day to bust out both the St. John's Bay Rum cologne and the Mount Gay Rum hats I love so much. Not only are they both tropical in nature, but they rhyme; it's clearly a post that was meant to be (after the jump).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wilder Pictures: Farmer's Market, Vollume II

I know, I know, so far only two posts about the farmer's market and I've started both off with pictures of radishes? Bear with me, though: the first post only featured red ones. This post has purple, red, pink, white...a symphony of radish colors! So it's totally different. Right?

Moving on from the radish situation, I never cease to be amazed by how the produce changes throughout the summer, even after only one week. Five days passed and suddenly there were strawberries, broccoli rabe, different mushrooms, more lettuces, cilantro, and new baskets (though those didn't get grown, they got made). It just proves how fleeting summer in Maine is, and how the vegetables, like the people, have to cram all their blossoming into as short a time as possible to take advantage of the warmer months. Though we humans are at an advantage in this regard; in the winter, we don't have to hide under ground. We can hide in warm homes with woolen blankets. And that's probably more pleasant.

And now, the weekly installment from the market. Enjoy (after the jump)!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wilder Style: Sugar Tools in Camden, Maine (or) Mermaids, Scarves, and The Ropes

Does anyone out there get as overwhelmed by beautiful things as I do? Do you ever encounter a view, an object, a person, a song, an anything, and just stand there, quiet and unmoving, because you're not quite sure what else to do? I feel this way all the time. Mostly in Maine. Mostly about dirt roads that lead up weathered hills, cliffs that make their jagged way down to the sea, fields that stretch for miles, filled with buttercups in the early summer. I get overwhelmed by run down gas stations and falling apart buildings. There's just so much beauty in the world. Beautiful objects and handmade things get me, too.

So it was when I walked into Sugar Tools, a little store on Bayview Street in Camden, Maine. I walked from table to table laden with cards, notebooks, scarves, shoes, clothes, jewelry...and touched things, and stared at things, and picked things up (more after the jump).

Friday, June 15, 2012

10 Things I Like: Weekend Edition Volume V

Ah, readers, it's the weekend, and if you're in Boston right now, it's a stunningly beautiful day out there. The weekend is supposed to be cool and sunny, so I suggest you get outside (even if to you that means sitting outside on a restaurant patio instead of inside the restaurant). Because, duh, fresh air is good for your soul. I'm heading up to Maine for the weekend again, so you can expect some farmer's market photos next week and maybe some more boat porn. Or just Maine porn in general. It's seductive.

And now, 10 Things to help your Friday fly by (after the jump)!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wilder Home Style: Brook Farm General Store (or) The Sweetest Things

Since I've been posting daily on TWT, finding an adorable shop online has become as exciting as walking by one on the street. I peer into the shop's virtual windows, nose about its virtual shelves, and read the "about" page as though I were asking the store clerk a few questions. Hmm, in re-reading that, I'm noticing it's a bit depressing; it makes me sound like I'm a little hermit with poor social skills. 

But that's just too bad, because today I found an amazing site called Brook Farm General Store, and I just have to tell you about it and show you some of the wares that I'm dying to get my paws on in real life. The actual store is in Brooklyn, right under the Williamsburg Bridge, and the next time I'm in NYC I'm definitely going to stop by (more after the jump).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wilder Happenings + Beautiful Thing of the Day: Hunt 44 Express Cruiser (or) Launch That Boat!

This past weekend in Maine, I went to a boat launch party. Now, I love parties, but I REALLY love boat launch parties; there is simply nothing as festive as christening a ship. People read poems blessing her voyages, they smash champagne across her bow, and the owners and those who worked on the plans and production get to see their years of labor float, shine, and sail off into the sunset. It's a celebration of possibilities being realized (more after the jump).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Dovetails at Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (and) Stunning Carvings and Graphite Drawings


My wonderful cousin Ben is up in Maine for the summer taking classes at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. Peter Korn, Executive Director, started the school in 1993 out of a barn in his backyard; it has since grown to become a beautiful campus of studios and workshops where the best woodworkers in the world teach classes throughout the year. Ben invited me, my mom, and two of my friends to hear lectures by the artists Jacques Vesery and John Whalley, so we all piled into the car and drove out Route 90 to admire dovetails, sculptures, and beautiful studios (more after the jump). 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wilder Happenings + Pictures: The Mother of All Girls Books (and) Orchard House

My mother, Deborah Weisgall, has an article in the American Prospect about Little Women that just went live online today. The piece is brilliant (honestly, it is; this is not a daughter being biased). She writes about the book in a deeply thoughtful and nuanced way, exploring the subversive undertones and the intersection of Louisa May Alcott's life with her art. Please check it out--it is funny, entertaining, and deeply important work.

And to go with the piece, here are a few photos I took of Orchard House, where Louisa May Alcott lived in Concord, MA (check out my recent post on my family's literary trek through the cemetery where Alcott, Emerson, Thoreau, and Hawthorne are buried). It is the most visited small museum in Massachusetts; people flock to the house to pay homage to their literary hero, the woman who wrote the most famous young adult novel of all time. But you'll have to read the article to understand why it's not just a great girl's book, but a complicated and heartbreaking story (pictures after the jump).

Friday, June 8, 2012

Wilder Style + Musings: My Sweet New Boat Shoes (or) Walk A Little Taller

If you follow TWT at all, you probably know I'm obsessed with boats. You also probably know I have a sweet spot for shoes, preferably flats. Therefore, it probably won't shock you to find out that I love Sperry Top-Siders, the ultimate boat shoe, the ultimate gripper of teak and fiberglass decks alike.

The first pair of Top-Siders I ever bought marked a big occasion in my life: my first job, apprentice sailing instructor at the Rockport Boat Club, where I'd learned to sail. As far as I was concerned, sailing instructors were the pinnacle of cool. Their skin was perpetually tan (and sometimes red) from hours in the sun, their hands were blistered and tough, their red shorts had faded to a salmon color, they could rig and derig a boat faster than I could even tie a knot, and they exuded a confidence that I yearned to embody (more after the jump).

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wilder Style: The Real McCoy's via Inventory Magazine (or) Japan Knows What's Up

I was recently cruising around Inventory Magazine and came across the brand The Real McCoy's. I don't know if you get as pumped about great cotton and sweats as I do, but if so, prepare to be blown away by these. The Japanese brand, who bases their designs on American military style (like the second sweatshirt above, via Superdenim), knows how to cut a t-shirt and make a sweatshirt look cozy. The grey one above, for example, just begs to be crawled into and curled up in. Or paired with a great pair of cut off jean shorts and some boat shoes. Speaking of boat shoes, stay tuned for a boat shoe post soon. And if you haven't checked out Inventory, definitely do so. They've got many more awesome brands in their stockroom as well as some beautiful photography and culture pieces in their mag (more after the jump).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wilder Pictures + Musings: The Eggemoggin Reach Regatta 2011


As I was going through some old photos the other day, I realized that I never put up pictures from the 2011 Eggemoggin Reach Regatta. I posted photos from the race in 2009 and 2010, but somehow it fell by the wayside last summer. Given that the ERR is the best weekend of the year, my failure to post about it makes zero sense. But better late than never, right? 

The ERR, started in 1985 by Steve White of Brooklin Boat Yard and Taylor Allen of Rockport Marine (both family friends and wonderful men and sailors), takes place in the first week of August. Over 125 of the most beautiful wooden boats sail in a feeder race up to Brooklin on Friday afternoon, and then race around the Reach on Saturday. The boats take my breath away every year; the sleek lines of the wooden hulls and the crisp white sails dance around each other at the starting line, move past each other during the race, and come to rest side by side at anchor afterwards (more after the jump).

Wilder Beatz: The Lumineers, "Flowers in Your Hair" (or) Fiddle Me That

Facebook is a handy little tool (understatement? overstatement? IPO fail?), especially for finding music. So it went yesterday afternoon, as I was perusing the 'book and came across the loveliest of tunes with the loveliest of videos accompanying it, courtesy of my dear friend Amie (who just returned from the mountains to head to the sea...ah, the life). I listened to it and was totally hooked...if you like fiddles as much as I do, you'll definitely dig this (song after the jump).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wilder Style: A Hankering for Handkercheifs (or) Simonnot Godard

Ever since I posted about Commonwealth Proper and mentioned that awesome floral handkercheif, I've noticed lovely little pocket squares everywhere I look. Does that ever happen to you? Where you notice something and then see it everywhere? Or hear a new word and then read it everywhere? I think that happened to me with the word "denied" when I was, say, five years old. Though for a while I definitely thought "denied" meant "admit," so maybe it was the revelation that it meant that opposite of what I thought it meant that really made it stick with me. You live and you learn, right?

Back to hankies. I'll be fair; I probably like them mostly because of their name. Handkerchief. It's so genteel, so sophisticated, so worthy of Mr. Darcy. But I also do think they're an underrated accessory. Think about it; how often do you need something to wipe your nose or clear that mascara out from under your eyes only to dig into your pockets and find nothing but gum wrappers? I think there's something to be said for being prepared and carrying one. That being my opinion, I've decided that I'm going to put my money where my mouth is (or my hankie where my gum wrappers are) and start doing so (hankies (no pankies) after the jump).

Wilder Pictures + Style: The Farmer's Market, Volume I (and) Floral Pants

This past Saturday in Maine marked the beginning of summer. Not because I had gone swimming in the lake the day before, not because the air smelled like salt and the seagulls screeched, and not because boats were being put into the harbor (although those are all valid markers). No, my friends, Saturday kicked off the summer because it was the first farmers market I attended in Camden in 2012.

The Camden Farmer's Market is more than a market, more than a place to buy vegetables, more than a celebration of the bounty of the earth. It's a tradition, a meeting place, a grounding and important occurrence in the community each week. Saturday morning arrives and everyone rolls out of bed and into the parking lot of what used to be the Knox Mill (and is now condominiums). The farmers stand in front of their wares and produce as people wander across the asphalt, their baskets growing heavier and heavier as they collect delicious and beautiful goods (more after the jump).

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wilder Happenings: Dinner at The Lost Kitchen in Belfast, Maine

Route 1 winds up the coast of Maine. It snakes through coastal towns and slides up and over worn hills. There are stretches of it that go through thick woods and then break through the trees, presenting the traveler with wide, expansive views of islands and the Atlantic in which they sit. The drive from Rockport to Belfast typifies the Route 1 experience: antique stores, kayak shops, run-down gas stations and ice cream stands dot the side of the road, and motels with "Vacancy" (that the owners hope will turn into "No Vacancy") signs sit, almost pleadingly, a little set back from the road. These are the places that we always say we'll stop at one day, knowing we won't, knowing they'll go out of business before we get around to it, only to reopen the next summer under different management with the same high hopes.

On Thursday my mom, my friend Will and I wound our way up past Lincolnville and on to Belfast to have dinner at The Lost Kitchen. Run by Erin and Todd French, the restaurant is in an old brick building that once housed a bank on the ground floor and newspaper offices above. Erin and Todd renovated the space themselves, building the bar in front of the big storefront window, installing and painting the pressed tin ceilings, and picking out the delicate china and antique silverware. The result is a welcoming, elegant, and clean space that compliments food of the same nature (more after the jump).