Monday, April 30, 2012

Wilder Style: Edith A. Miller (or) Stripes I've Known and Loved (For Gentlement, Too!), Part II

You know when you lose your favorite pair of sunglasses and then go out and buy another pair and then the old pair turns up? That's how I felt when I found out about Edith A. Miller today; last week I wrote about stripes, and then the best stripes ever appear a few days later. But you know what? It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to. And in this case, I am crying over the beauty of these lovely cotton, fairly inexpensive shirts. And over the equally awesome striped menswear, like The Hill-Side tie above, that I found for you dapper gentlemen (after the jump).

Wilder Pictures + Happenings: A Trip to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (Resting Place of Alcott, Hawthorne, Thoreau...)

Swimming in Walden Pond while studying the transcendentalists in high school is not a bad to way to become steeped in a great literary tradition. Lincoln, MA, where I live, is about five minutes from Walden and ten minutes from Concord center and the homes of Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. It still amazes me that such great minds all lived and worked within a mile of each other; there's clearly something to be said for having a literary and intellectual community with which to grow and work.

When I was nine, my mom gave me Little Women. I'd begged for it for a year; some of my friends had read it in second grade but my mother (and I remember this very clearly) wanted me to wait until at least third to read it. It had been her moral guide growing up and she wanted to be sure that I was old enough to understand and appreciate it (many more photos after the jump).

Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Things I Like: Weekend Edition Volume IV

My dear readers, once again, welcome to the weekend (cue Loverboy I'm pretty excited for my next few days, mostly because I once again have a stack of magazines to get through. I also love seeing people I love, and my evening tonight is full of that. Tomorrow I'm going to see some of friends play on their Mexican-restaurant-sponsored soccer team (free nachos!), and generally being lazy/playing with Rosie the Dog. I also want to cook something, which is why this week actually has 11, instead of 10, Things I Like, because I've included food and drink recipes to make you salivate. So without further ado, the list. I hope it makes your Friday fly by and gives you weekend inspiration!

(10 Things after the jump)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wilder Style + Musings: Why Personal Style Matters, Brought on by Covering Nicole Richie's Appearance in Boston

Dressing well means wearing what looks good on you. Duh, right? Not always; In high school I tried to fight this fact and ignored my mother when she'd remind me of it. I'd buy flouncy blouses and skirts with ruffles on them, only to look like a dressed up cupcake and uncomfortable in my own skin. I've learned the hard way that for me, it's best to stick with classic looks like straight-leg pants and well-cut sweaters and shirts. Basically, clothes that fall somewhere between tomboy, preppy, and a bit of little-boy/grandfather on occasion (I do love my backpacks, sneakers, and padded elbows). I suppose I can also do glamorous when called upon, but that's not terribly often (more after the jump).

Wilder Home Style: I Like My Drinks Like I Like My Pirates: Dangerous (or) Thomas Fuchs Creative

I found these glasses on Saks' Point of View blog a little while ago and haven't been able to get them out of my head. Ever since teaching sailing and convincing the little sailors that I took a year off before going to college to apprentice on a pirate ship, I've had a thing for skulls. It's the pirate coat of arms, what can I say? Thomas Fuchs Creative incorporates skulls into their tableware in a non-creepy way and keeps the designs streamlined and usable. Sometimes skull designs can go terribly wrong, so it's great to see someone do them terribly well (more after the jump).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wilder Beatz: Fruit Bats and Ramona Quimby (or) In Praise of

I stumbled across the band Fruit Bats when I was in college. I have no idea how I found them, but I do know that I listened to the song "The Ruminant Band" and "When U Love Somebody" on repeat for days. I also know that the band will always remind me of the book Ramona Quimby, Age 8, because in the book Ramona has to keep oatmeal with fruit flies in it for a school project. While I realize fruit bats and fruit flies are not the same thing, the association has, nevertheless, stuck (Tony the Tripper after the jump).

Wilder Style: Stripes I've Known and Loved (or) Chinti And Parker + Altuzarra for J.Crew

I've been struck by stripes, dear readers. There's nothing like a good horizontal pattern to add a kick to an outfit, and I've found two collections that have me tearing through my closet to find my own. The first stripey inspiration came from Joseph Altuzarra's collection for J.Crew. He takes a Parisian approach to American preppy style and nails it with a shirt, dress, and sweater. The second comes from Chinti and Parker, an earth-friendly British line. Their stripes come in the form of beautiful cashmere sweaters and a summer dress I'm dying to get my hands on (after the jump).

Wilder Ways: Stages of Beauty (or) Heaven for Your Face

I've never reviewed a product that isn't a food on TWT before, but the skincare company Stages of Beauty recently sent me their "Radiance" face care set, and I'm hooked. I should have known they would be great products when I opened the box to find a little note printed on the the inside flap that said "hey, beautiful! I may only be a box, but I can still tell you are smiling." A smart box, because indeed I was. Nothing like a pretty package and being called beautiful by an inanimate object to make me grin (more after the jump).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wilder Style: 3 Totally Tubular Totes

Yesterday I had to run a few errands and somehow ended up in Bloomingdale's at the Chestnut Hill Mall. I was cutting through the store with great purpose when these three bags stopped all forward momentum. My eyes grew wide, out came the iPhone, and the lusting began (more after the jump).

Wilder Happenings: On Nostalgia, for The Huffington Post (and) 6 Ads from the '60s

Last Thursday The New Yorker finally came to my house, even though it's supposed to get here on Tuesdays. My mom's theory is that we have a post office manager who hates us liberal yuppies and purposely withholds our New Yorkers and New York Review of Books. Whatever the reason for the delay, I was glad that my favorite magazine finally made it; as I waited for my organic broccoli to cook and sipped my organic Italian wine while wearing a J.Crew sweater and occasionally texting on my iPhone, I read it hungrily (more after the jump).

Wilder Beatz: I've Always Loved Jack White (or) "Love Interruption"

I know a song is worth posting about when I start groovin' around in my chair and then listen to it five times in a row. That's generally how it goes when I hear a track that Jack White is involved with, either as the artist or producer (Loretta Lynn's "Portland Oregon," is one of my all time favorite songs). This new song, "Love Interruption" off of Blunderbuss, White's new album dropping TODAY, is raw, it's dirty, it's got a killer video, and it makes me want to sway back and forth until the end of time. With a bit of head-bobbing thrown in (more after the jump). 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wilder Style: How to Look Good While Braving the Rain (or) 7 Waterproof Things

Rainy Day

It's been raining for three days straight in New England (and apparently the rest of the East Coast, too). I had gotten so used to the warm, sunny weather that I forgot where I put my raincoat and didn't remember just how difficult it is to drive in torrential downpours. Fortunately, I found my trusty Patagonia in the back of my closet underneath some old Hebrew school books (don't ask, I have no idea), and I safely made it home from Maine yesterday despite the weather. All this rain got me thinking, though, just how important wet-weather gear is (especially as I dodged puddles in mohair flats yesterday--not fun). In light of our damp weekend, I've put together a few of my favorite rain items for women, with a men's version to come tomorrow. Though the umbrellas pictured here are most definitely for either gender (more after the jump).

Wilder Pictures: A Weekend by the Sea

It was chilly on Friday night, but the windows of my car were open anyway as I drove up Rt. 1. The air up north is fresh; sweet from the leaves that are starting to bud and salty from the ocean next to the road. I spent the weekend eating good food, drinking delicious wine, and spending time with people I love. I hope your weekends were equally as lovely. Sometimes the measure of a good weekend is simply whether you got to take a nap or not. Did you take a nap? Naps are the best.

I went for long walks on Saturday and Sunday around Beauchamp Point, a daily routine when in Maine, no matter the time of year. It was gray and cloudy, which makes for some of the most dramatic, most beautiful landscapes. I took many pictures with my phone because I didn't want to carry my Nikon for the whole walk; fortunately, the 1 billion dollar app (otherwise known as Instagram) helps to make iPhone photos a bit more romantic. 

Here are some of the walk, and of the weekend more generally (after the jump):

Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Things I Like: Weekend Edition, Volume III

I love putting these "10 Things I Like" together for the weekend. It means it's Friday, and it also means I get to play around on the interwebs, searching for the best/weirdest/most inspiring stuff to share with you. I'm especially excited for this weekend, because I'm going to my family's house in Maine. It's been four months since I've been up there, and after living in the pine-tree state for four and a half years, that feels like a lifetime. I always click back into place when I finally arrive, smell the salt air, and sit on our porch staring at beautiful Rockport Harbor (the view above). It feels like the piece of my soul I leave up there every time I depart fits back into my body when I return (10 Things after the jump).

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beautiful Thing of The Day + Wilder Pictures: A Conversation with Photographer Mikael Kennedy of Ramblers Bone

I recently spoke with NYC-based photographer Mikael Kennedy, who, along with photographer Sean Sullivan, has set out on a road trip to photograph the Pacific Northwest for a project they're calling Ramblers Bone. Sponsored by Wolverine, the two are living my dream; sleeping in open spaces and stunning landscapes, holding Polaroids of Allen Ginsberg, and watching wild horses run are only a few of the delights they've encountered. They were just leaving Denver when I talked to Mikael on the phone about the project, Dazed and Confused, a lack of guardrails, and much more. 

I'm honored to be one of the sites, along with The GQ Eye and Cold Splinters, to which Ramblers Bone has sent exclusive photos (the photo directly below is of Southwestern Colorado). Read on to see the shots and to find out why you should become as obsessed with Mikael and Sean's journey as I am.

CW: For how long are you on the road?
Mikael: Our final count is twenty-eight or twenty-nine days. We just crossed our halfway point yesterday; we're fourteen days in, I believe (more after the jump).

Wilder Style + Pictures: Spring Flowers (and) The Winner of the MM6 Bag is...

Yesterday I walked outside and was blown away by the colors. The neon green of new spring leaves delighted me, and the outline of the magnolia flowers was so crisp against the blue sky that it almost hurt. Here are some photos I took of the spring explosion, and here is the winner of the bag via Eaton Trading Company (after the jump):

Wilder Happenings + Style: A Vertical Fashion Show at Revere Boston

It's not every day you see rock climber models dressed in hotel uniforms and Ted Baker's spring and fall lines rappel down the side of a sky scraper. But that's what happened last night at the opening of the new luxury hotel Revere Boston, on Stuart Street by the Boston Common. The hotel, which has been in the works for about a year and a half now, has made an effort to be distinctly Boston, and with that goal in mind, asked students and professors at Massachusetts College of Art and Design to design the uniforms for the hotel's staff. When it came time to unveil both the hotel and the uniforms, Revere decided to revamp the typical fashion show: they strung up a runway down the side of the building, and the invited crowd sat on the roof deck, watching the descending models (culled from elite climbers at the Boston Rock Gym) and hoping no one fell. They didn't (more after the jump).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wilder Beatz + Words: "Clay Pigeons" by Blaze Foley (and) On Going Crazy

I've been following the photographers Mikael Kennedy and Sean Sullivan as they travel around the Pacific Northwest through their beautiful site, Ramblers Bone, since they set out in early April. I spoke with Mikael yesterday as they drove out of Denver and over the Rocky Mountains, and I'm going to post the interview and some exclusive photos tomorrow. But in the meantime, I thought I'd share with you a song by Blaze Foley, a country singer Mikael told me about. "Clay Pigeons" is perfect to drive to; or, if you're me, to sit at your kitchen table and work to (after the jump).

Wilder Style: Imma Talk About My Mama If Y'all Don't Mind


Yesterday my mom, Deborah Weisgall, went out to have drinks with a friend, and I loved her outfit so much that I made her let me take photos of her. Her style might have to become a regular feature on TWT, seeing as she has a fantastic wardrobe and knows how to dress herself better than most. Oh, and she's a journalist, novelist, and generally brilliant writer and thinker. You know, the stuff secondary to having a great sense of style. Come to think of it, Kanye's song "Hey Mama," from which this post gets its title, is actually pretty applicable to my life: "Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, turn one page and there's my mommy."

Wilder Style: It's Wedding Season via Mint Julep! (or) One Dress, Two Ways

No one wants to be the crasher in the funny jacket; that look only works if you're Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson. On the other hand, no one wants to be the crasher (or legitimately invited guest) who goes out and buys seven different dresses for the seven different weddings to which one has to go. I mean, I'd like to be that guest, but realistically it's not about to happen. So what is a poor twenty-something to do if they want to save money and look great, but they don't want to wear the same thing to each wedding? Read on, because the wonderful boutique Mint Julep and I have teamed up to show you how to avoid a fate like rule #115 (anyone else having trouble seeing the pound sign a number marker as opposed to a hashtag? uh oh...).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wilder Style: Vans Are Having a Patriotic Moment (or) Sneakers I'd Wear for July Fourth

Judging from my recent posts, I'm really into sneakers these days. But how can I not be, when pairs like these Vans from Need Supply Co. keep coming along? These bad boys are sassy, American, good looking, and only $65 bucks (more after the jump).

Wilder Beatz: "Need Your Love" by The Temper Trap (or) The Best Music Video I've Seen in a While

Do you ever have those nights when you know you need to go to bed, but you can't get yourself to stop messing around on the computer? I used to do it all the time in college, but since entering the real world have been pretty good about getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. Last night, however, I acted like a total undergrad; I knew I had to get up early this morning, and yet I just couldn't tear myself away from the screen. You see, I really wanted to find a great song to post about today, and you can't force finding a great song. Sometimes I love the first one I listen to on the first site I check out--other times, like last night, I'm up far after Rosie the Dog has had her midnight snack (she munches between 11:30 and 12, without fail, every's pretty cute). 

A Wilder Giveaway: MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Bag via Eaton Trading Company

I am totally, totally thrilled to announce that come Thursday afternoon, one lucky reader will win this killer MM6 Maison Martin Margiela bag, courtesy of Eaton Trading Company. I've worked with ETC on a few posts in the past, and I absolutely love the online retailer; not only do they carry all my favorite brands, but they pick and choose the pieces they sell with a meticulous eye. Theirs is a carefully curated collection of beautiful clothes and accessories, conducive to both tomboyish and feminine wardrobes. Not to mention they've got great menswear (more after the jump).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wilder Street Style: The Weather Gets Nice and So Do the Outfits (and) Opening at Isis Gallery

Last Friday, as I was waiting for a friend at Met Back Bay on Newbury Street, I leaned against the wrought iron fence and stared out at the sea of people the nice weather had produced. I was impressed; Boston looked fabulous! I've heard numerous people lament the lack of style in our fair city and say and how you can't really take any risks outfit-wise. But I saw people in cropped shirts, patterned pants, full-on denim suits...all types of looks you'd think only blossomed in LA or New York. Unfortunately, I forgot that I had my camera with me for most of the time I was people-watching, but I managed to get a few nice shots once I realized that my trusty Nikon was in my bag (more after the jump).

Wilder Reads + Pictures: 7 Articles Worth Reading (and) Tea and Flowers

As I mentioned in last week's "10 Things I Like," I'm a huge nerd. Case in point: my favorite thing to do on weekends is to sit down with a stack of magazines and newspapers and read through them. Cover to cover, back to back. I delight in stories, in information, and in analysis; the best articles combine all three of these elements, and when I find one that does, I want to tell the world. So I thought I'd start posting a rundown of great articles I've read on TWT when I have a big enough and worthy enough batch to do so.

This weekend I brought The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Women's Health, and both days' editions of  The New York Times out to the Adirondack chairs in my backyard and succumbed to the bliss of not having to do anything but get through them. I found some wonderful articles, and will now help your afternoon productivity plummet by sharing them with you (after the jump).

Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Things I Like: Weekend Edition, Volume II

Well, folks, we did it again. We made it through another week. Isn't it the best feeling knowing you've got a bit of a respite before it's back to the grind? I love my Saturdays and Sundays: it means two days of gathering material rather than writing it up, of being untethered from the internet, of seeing friends, and of catching up on articles I may have missed over the course of the week. Speaking of articles, check out Longreads; it's a curated collection of long-form journalism plucked from the best magazines and newspapers.

Maybe I'm just a huge nerd, but one of my favorite parts of the weekend is Sunday morning when the paper comes. I can curl up on the couch with the New York Times Magazine, Sunday Styles, Week in Review, and just enjoy not having to be anywhere. Do you have any rituals that you look forward to each week? They can be as small as that moment I take for myself or as big as a Sunday brunch you always go to with friends. I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

And now, here's a collection of things I like for the weekend. May they entertain you, feed your soul (and body), and, if nothing else, give you something to read while you wait for the work day to end (after the jump):

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wilder Words: On Wildness (How Appropriate!) via Terry Tempest Williams

One of my best and oldest friends recently asked me to look over an essay she wrote, and the quote above was in it. Her essay on wildness was beautiful (if she lets me, I'll post it here once she's submitted it to the contest she wrote it for), and came at a time when I'm missing wildness myself. Natural wildness, mind you, not the man-made kind (more after the jump).

Beautiful Thing of the Day: The Lovliest Present (or) A Mont Blanc Pen

A dear family friend, Barbara, recently gave me this Mont Blanc pen as a belated graduation present. I can't think of a better gift; I write, I love beautiful things, and I fall in love with anything that comes in a plush box with an instruction manual. This rollerball writes like a dream: velvety, smooth, and in a lovely gray tone. It's also a perfect present because I collect pens; in fact, a box of them sits next to me every day for when the need to write a Wilder Words strikes me. This one will, of course, live in its own lovely little box, because the blue plastic one that holds my others just wouldn't be elegant enough (more after the jump).

Wilder Style: Cole Haan's Got Sole, Neon sole (or) 10 Shoes for Men and Women


I had to be a sneaky blogger to get these shots (not the editorial right above these words--that I straight-up stole from the web). Apparently Cole Haan doesn't love it when you waltz into their stores and start taking photos of their shoes. Never one to let rules stop me (just talk to any teacher from my high school...or administrator at my college...why yes, I am a badass, I thought you'd never ask), I found a way to get some photos of these bangin' LunarGrand Wingtips because you wonderful readers deserve to see them. I know I've beaten this neon thing to death, but I can't help posting when I see a piece that uses the trend to jazz up a basic this well. I'd like to go bowling, tap-dancing, or singin'-in-the-rain in these bad boys, even though they're made for men (more after the jump).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wilder Words: On Beer, via Catherine the Great

What I take away from the above is this: a) Catherine the Great liked to party, b) she would've fit in really well at my alma matter, where the Natty Light flowed freely, and c) her mom was a killjoy. I kid; in all seriousness, Robert K. Massie's biography of Catherine the Great (called--you guessed it--Catherine the Great) is one of the best books I've read in a while. Granted, I was a history major who took over seven Russian history courses while in college so I'm probably biased, but I do think the book would also appeal to those who aren't Russophiles or even history-ophiles (more after the jump).

Wilder Style: Kate Spade on Newbury Expands (and) Florence Broadhurst (and) 10 Shoes I'd Love to Wear

Yesterday I posted about Selima Optique for Jack Spade, but how could I write about Jack without mentioning about his better half, Kate? I couldn't. Especially since I recently visited the week-old Kate Spade NY showroom (or shoeroom, rather) in the lower half of the store on Newbury Street. Natural light floods into the space, and the display on which the shoes are set up is back lit, so they appear to float on the shelves. Kate Spade has a very cool collection out right now; they licensed twelve wallpaper prints by interior designer Florence Broadhurst, and incorporated them into shoe, clothing, and accessory lines. Florence was quite the woman-- she ran a hugely successful design/wallpaper business in Australia, had a tumultuous personal life, and was murdered in 1977. Check out her Wikipedia page for a more complete biography, it's pretty wild (more after the jump).

Wilder Beatz is Back! George Barnett's "Lone Rose" and "Cassi"

I stopped posting Wilder Beatz a few months ago because I realized that I was mostly just re-posting songs from Sunset in the Rearview, my friend/Maine-neighbor Lydia's amazing music blog. A blog which, by the way, just got dubbed one of the 25 best music sites on the interwebs! HUGE congrats to Lydia, Arjun and the whole gang! But I digress: last night, as I was creeping around on Sunset, downloading everything I could get my paws on, I found this song from George Barnett. And just like that, Wilder Beatz is BACK, BABY! I just can't help it; this song is too good not to share with as many people as possible (after the jump).

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wilder Words: On Lion Suns, via Elizabeth Bishop

 While I'm a few weeks late for a poem called "The End of March," I think it's fitting for the beginning of April, too. Elizabeth Bishop is one of my favorite poets, and when I read this in sixth grade for the first time, it was a pivotal moment in my life. It taught me what a poem could be: funny, whimsical, heart-stopping (whole poem after the jump).

Wilder Ways: Drink This Tea, All You Teapigs

We all have bad days. And in my few but eventful years on this earth, I've found that tea can often help make those days better. Especially tea with lots of milk and honey.

And buying tea is almost and good as drinking it. I must admit that I buy tea the way I buy wine: by the label. If it's got a funny name and good graphic design on the box/bag, I'm sold. So when I saw Teapigs in Whole Foods the other day, I clearly had no choice but to put the rooibos and chamomile varieties into my cart (more after the jump).

Wilder Style: Selima Optique for Jack Spade (and) I'm Charlie Whiskey

The wind cut through my jacket as I walked down Newbury Street yesterday. Leave it to New England to be in the 80s in the middle of March and then feel like a chilly fall day in April, when it's supposed to be spring. But minute I stepped into the Jack Spade store my spirits lifted and it felt like summer. Why? Because I was standing in front of the new Selima Optique for Jack Spade sunglasses. And let me tell you, the world is a bit brighter for this collaboration.

Also, as many of you know, I'm a sailing nut. I grew up sailing, worked for nautical photographer Alison Langley, and was a sailing instructor for eight years. On those cold, rainy Maine days when we instructors just couldn't face putting on our rain gear and watching little kids cry in their little sailboats, we'd entertain them inside by teaching them how to write their initials in nautical flags (and watching Jaws...oops). So when I walked into Jack Spade and saw the two bags above, I gasped and almost passed out, because THOSE ARE MY INITIALS! C is on the left and W is on the right. Charlotte Wilder. Or, as you'd call over the radio, Charlie Whiskey. That's a pretty sweet name, isn't it? Just tooting my own horn for a second. I'm done now (but there are many sunglasses after the jump).

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wilder Style: Loeffler Randall Does Neon Right (or) What Going to An All-Girl's School Will Do

We've already established the fact that I love neon, so let's just skip that part of the post and move on to Loeffler Randall's amazing spring collection. The line combines acid leather (I don't know what that is, but it sounds dangerous and alluring), taffeta, woven raffia, and mesh to form the beautiful shoes; I love that the textures are as varied as the colors. You don't always see that, the boldness to go for not only a bright hue but also a symphony of textures and materials. I therefore applaud Loeffler Randall for their bravery. 

I posted about LR's shoes a few months ago, when I talked about how they made the perfect boot. I still want it, so if anyone is looking to get me a present anytime soon, either one of these neon sandals or the Kasia bootie should do the trick (rest of the line after the jump).