Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wilder Pictures: Street Band "Yes Ma'am" in New Orleans

One of my favorite things about New Orleans: street bands. Here, photos of the band Yes Ma'am in action. Wish I could play you their music, but these are as close as I can come. Note the dog.

Wilder Happenings: I'm a Blogger for the Huffington Post! (and) My Day with Moda Operandi CEO Aslaug Magnusdottir

I have some pretty exciting news (news which I apologize for repeating if you've already heard via my Twitter and Facebook yappings), but I'm now a blogger for the Huffington Post! I'm thrilled and immensely grateful to everyone who helped me get to this point. It feels pretty awesome to see my name and photo up there.

My first piece for them went up yesterday, on Stylelist, about the day I spent following Aslaug Magnusdottir during Fashion Week. Aslaug is the CEO of Moda Operandi whom I interviewed in January. I'm posting the beginning of the piece and a few photos here, but then you'll have to go to Stylelist to read the rest. Comments on the site would be greatly appreciated as it ups my views and makes me look big and important, and if you want to "become a fan" of me on the site you'll get notified when I write another post for them (after the jump).

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wilder Style: Holst + Lee Debut Collection


Another day, another obsession. I recently came across Holst + Lee on "What are these colorful, dynamic, bold designs?" thought I, "and why haven't I heard of them?" Turns out I hadn't heard of them because this season marks the brand's debut collection. Those of you who've been reading the blog long enough know that when it comes to women's wear I have a serious soft spot for neon, for brands with a masculine edge to their aesthetic, and for people going for it and following their gut, even if what they're trying to do is difficult. Being a designer isn't easy; in fact, starting anything isn't easy, so I love seeing new talent making pieces that really pop, talent that I want to be around for at least as long as I am (more after the jump).

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Cig Harvey's "You Look At Me Like An Emergency"

I was scrolling along in my Twitter feed just now and came across an announcement from the photo blog La Lettre for Cig Harvey's new book of photographs (cover above) from Schlit Publishing. Cig lives in Rockport, Maine, where my family has a house, and I've met her a few times as we share mutual friends. Cig has taken the photos for numerous Kate Spade campaigns, New York Magazine, Boston Magazine, Harper's BAZAAR, and for many more awesome companies and publications. She's also a lovely person; I'm thrilled for her that this book is coming out and looks so beautiful! Cig will also have a show by the same title at the Robert Klein Gallery in Boston from May 19 - June 23, 2012. I'll keep you posted because it's still a ways away, but it will definitely be worth checking out! Here are some of my favorite photos from the book (after the jump):

Wilder Pictures: 3 Things I Assumed about New Orleans From Disney (or) Mansions of New Orleans in the Garden District


Have you seen Princess and the Frog? The Disney movie in which they finally have a black princess in the title role (only to turn her into a frog for most of the movie...questionable...) takes place in New Orleans, and I'll admit that I a) loved it and b) cried. Never having been to Nola when I saw the movie for the first time, I made a few snap judgements that were proved to be a bit exaggerated when I actually got to the city. Let me tell you about them (after the jump).

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wilder Ways: 10 Things I Like, the Healthy/Feel Better Edition

After a weekend spent eating and drinking and not sleeping much, I don't feel my best. So I started thinking of ways I could feel better. I thought I'd share them with you, because sometimes we all need a little inspiration to be good to ourselves. You know what I mean? Like when you look at a blog and they have cute running shoes up, and it makes you want to run? Or when you see a picture of a piece of fruit and suddenly you don't want that chocolate quite as much? Anyways, here's my Monday inspiration to feel better (after the jump).

Wilder Pictures: New Orleans Street Shots (or) Murals, Monuments, and the Mississippi

New Orleans stole my heart this weekend, so in return I stole a few stills with my Nikon. Here's the first batch, photos of the walk we took to get to the Garden District. The photos above I took from the top floor of the Hotel Monteleone before we set off on our jaunt. Just look at the mighty Mississippi, isn't it amazing? I got overwhelmed when I stood next to it. It's remarkable how powerful it is and how high, too; Jackson Square, a few hundred yards away, actually looked lower than the river. It's easy to see how it floods (more after the jump).

Wilder Musings + Pictures: 36 Hours in New Orleans, From the iPhone

As you might know, I was in New Orleans this past weekend for my cousin's wedding. I wrote on Friday about how much my family means to me and how excited I was to be with them. While I knew my time there would be memorable because of the celebration we were there for, I didn't realize the place itself would inspire me as much as it did. It overwhelmed me. This feeling of wonder and excitement mixed with something like awe and slight disbelief kept bubbling up inside me as I listened to a street band playing zydeco music on Royal Street, wandered among the old houses in the Garden District, and danced at Preservation Hall with some of the people I love most in the world.

Even though we were only there for a short time, my parents, boyfriend and I managed to see quite a lot of the city. So here, a tour of my trip from my trusty iPhone camera. I'll post pictures of the architecture and people of New Orleans that I took with my nice, big camera, but I think this is the best way to start. The shot above is the title of a satirical paper we found at a little coffee shop in the French Quarter (MUCH more after the jump).

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wilder Musings: On Weddings, Family, and the Passing of Time

A Quick Note: I wrote this on the plane and drew the picture at home, but I'm now in New Orleans. This city is electrifying--I am wildly in love with it and I've only walked around for an hour. About to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Pics, stories, and musings to come on Monday. Happy weekend, dear readers! xx

I’m thirty-thousand feet above the ground at the moment, according to our captain’s voice which just buzzed through the cabin. The beverage cart should be on its way down the aisle soon, the maddening blockage of anyone’s journey to the “lavatory.” I kind of hate that they call bathrooms lavatories on planes. I kind of hate planes. But you know what I love? My family. And getting to be surrounded by them both on this plane and this weekend, as we celebrate my cousin’s wedding? Well, that’s worth any flight, any amount of travel. (more after the jump).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wilder Style: Barney's and J.Crew Face-Off (or) Dress-Hunting, Part 2

It is with great joy that I announce I will have something to wear to the wedding! After a strenuous two-day hunt, my loader (mother) and I finally settled on something this afternoon. We went to Barney's and J.Crew (the necklace above is a nice snag from le 'crew). This week's hunt just made it clear why they're my two favorite stores: they always come through in my hour of need like a good servant on Downton Abbey (you knew there'd be a Downton reference soon, don't kid yourself). 

But, dear readers, I need your help: I couldn't decide in the stores which dresses I liked the best, so I took them all home with plans to return the ones that I don't end up wearing. Which means I need you to chime in with your opinion. Leave a comment with your choices or tweet at me (@TheWilderThings) once you've checked out my options (after the jump).

Wilder Style: Dress Hunting Part 1, (or) Rag and Bone's New Newbury St. Store!

I know I said I was going dress-hunting, Downton Abbey Style, on Tuesday, but I lied on two counts: I went yesterday instead, and I didn't wear my hounds-tooth jacket. However, I thought the Barbour coat was pretty good for playing the part of bird-killer, even though I was hunting clothes, not birds. Speaking of birds, I had a friend in college whose father used to hunt pheasants (can you tell it was a small liberal arts school in New England?) and he would put the dead ones in a special pocket that attached to the back of his Barbour. Anyway. Now that you're grossed out...(more after the jump).

Wilder Recipes: Fruit Salad with Candied Lemon Rinds and Simple Syrup

I know. After seeing the title of this post you're probably thinking, "oh my goodness, she cooks, too?" And yes I do and yes, I know it's unfair for one human to be so perfect, but I can't hide my stripes. Just kidding; while I've been known to make a few meals here and there, I'm by no means a pro. I do, however, have some great family recipes (Jewish and WASPy recipes, it turns out, go together pretty well!) and some new ones I've been trying out. So I thought I'd start sharing with you--seemed selfish to keep the successes to myself. Today's is a lovely dessert that I made last weekend: fruit salad with a drizzle of simple syrup and candied lemon rinds (after the jump).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wilder Style: 7 Pieces of For Spring (or) A Rhyming Ode to Chambray

Some folks like cotton, 
or think that they oughten,
while some prefer fleece,
and never will cease.

A few fancy gauze,
some lace on their bras,
and fur on their jackets
(if they can hack it) (more rhymes after the jump).

Wilder Style, Musings, + Pictures: 12 Heroines of Lit and Film, Each Matched to a Marchesa Dress (or) Marchesa Show FW2012

The Marchesa show at New York Fashion Week was the most glamorous moment of my life. I walked in on a red carpet past hundreds of spectators and paparazzi, sat near top actresses and supermodels, and then feasted my eyes on the most exquisite dresses I've ever seen in person. Can't think of anything else that comes close on the glam-meter, though I will say that my bat mitzvah was quite the party (more after the jump).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: A Bike for Stuart Little

This brooch from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston's permanent collection might be the most adorable thing I've ever seen. And, as if it weren't cute enough already, the wheels, pedals, and bike chains move (more after the jump)!

Wilder Style + Pictures: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti at New York Fashion Week

And here it is, the first of the fashion week runway posts! The Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti show took place in Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall, a glassed-in space with gold sculptures hanging from the ceiling on either side. The seats were set up facing the windows, and models took an escalator up to the runway, walked across the space, and descended down an escalator on the other side. The setting matched the colors of the collection--the steel benches and the cool light streaming in through the clouds mirrored the whites, grays, and pale blues of the coats, suits, collars and dresses sent down the runway (more after the jump).

Wilder Style + Musings: On Shopping, If I Were in Downton Abbey

New Orleans Options

A L C ruched silk dress, $595
A L C flare dress, $575
Vince short beaded cocktail dress, $495
TIBI jacquard dress, $440
Diane von Fürstenberg bodice dress, $385
Milly multi colored dress, $385
Diane von Fürstenberg silk chiffon dress, $375
McQ by Alexander McQueen high heel shoes, $475
Elizabeth and James open toe shoes, $325

I need a dress for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday in New Orleans. It’s getting to be dangerously close to DDay and I’ve got nothing. NOTHING! I'm at the point where if I find myself wearing my old BCBG dress from my sophomore year of high school semi-formal I’ll be upset, but not surprised. Speaking of, why do I still have that? Does anyone want a strapless red dress? Cheap. Let me know (more after the jump).

Friday, February 17, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Fashion Week Teaser Post: 1 Marchesa Ball Gown

I just wanted to whet your fashion appetite for the posts that are coming next week with some photos I took on my iPhone at the Marchesa show. It took place at the Plaza on Wednesday, and just might have been the most decadent, luscious, spectacular event I've ever been to. This red dress blew me away; the draping in the full skirt, the delicate embroidery of the bodice, and the high collar come together in one big, perfect, princess dress. Because that's what this is: a dress for a princess (more after the jump).

Wilder Links: I'm Famous and Fashion Week

Here's a piece Colby College's (my alma mater) student newspaper did on bloggers. They featured my photograph and they interview me! Wahoo (more links after the jump)!

Wilder Happenings: I Know This Boat! (or) A Video Shoot for Which I Drove a Motor Boat

In the summer of 2010 I interned for the nautical photographer and videographer Alison Langley. I would often drive her motor boat and shoot still photos while she shot video of the stunning yachts we were commissioned to capture on film (well, on SD card). Today, I just saw that the footage she shot for which I drove the boat is featured in a video on the yacht design firm Stephens Waring! It was a lovely day in August of 2010, off the coast of Brooklyn, Maine, when shot the boat above, Hoi An (Race Horse, the other boat featured in the video, we shot on a different day). I wrote about it then, check out the original post for a few more pictures. Here's what I had to say (after the jump):

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wilder Musings: On Seeing Loved Ones and Taking Myself on a Date

I’m on the train back to Boston. We’re somewhere in Connecticut or Rhode Island, I think, though I couldn’t be sure because I slept for the first hour and forty-five minutes of the trip. I am tired. This week was a whirlwind; I was constantly going to meetings and shows all over Manhattan. By no means am I complaining—I was so thrilled and lucky to be doing and seeing what I was. I’ll be posting about my adventures among New York’s fashion elite probably next week as tomorrow I’m busy on a shoot for Boston Mag for a lot of the day. But for now, I have a few minutes, and thought I’d write about some lower-key experiences that were really the best parts of the trip (more after the jump).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: View from a Manhattan Office Building

I had a meeting at an office yesterday where this is the view from the company lounge. Breath-taking. The view of the city from the other side of the building was equally beautiful, but I could only see it through several different windows so I didn't take a picture. It's been a wild few days, and I'm pretty tired, but yesterday was an amazing day and hopefully today proves even more so (more after the jump).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wilder Musings + Style: The Norisol Ferari Fall 2012 Show, (or) Two Shows in One: The Clothes and the People Looking at Them

It’s only 11:30am, but today has already been quite exciting. First, I managed to walk down the street to La Colombe, the coffee shop I spend too much money at when I stay with my cousins in New York City, wearing high-heeled boots. For me, that is an accomplishment—I generally only put heels on if I think the maximum steps required will be lower than twenty. But since I was on my way to my first fashion show I thought I might need all the height I could muster—being taller than people always gives me confidence, and I wanted to go into Lincoln Center with as much of that as humanly possible.

I then managed to get into a cab and head to Lincoln Center. During this cab ride I did not a) spill coffee on myself, b) get too many Nature Valley Bar crumbs on myself, nor c) leave my wallet or my phone in the cab (last time I was in New York I left my phone in a cab, a nice man picked it up, and I ended up going to his apartment to get it back, which fortunately I did without getting killed—he now has unlimited good karma). It’s the small victories (more after the jump).

Happy Valentine's Day from Amanda Jane Cooper, and Help Nick and Alyssa Win a Dream Wedding

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Amanda Jane Cooper. She is an actress who recently played Glinda in the first national tour of the musical Wicked and who just booked CSI (among other impressive and noteworthy roles). She a rising star, a smooth-voiced siren, and my lovely, lovely friend. I checked my Facebook last night to find this posted on my wall, a clear reference to my point #5 on about how to make Valentine's Day less stupid. So I guess that makes her my first celebrity endorser, right? Fast track to fame, baby, it's now only a matter of time before Hollywood comes calling to make a movie about me. Amanda can star as Charlotte, the neurotic and over-analytical blogger. Sounds like a fun role.

Also, in the spirit of Valentine's day, two of my friends from college, Alyssa and Nick, are engaged to be married, and have entered to win a dream wedding from Real Maine Weddings (more after the jump).

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wilder Musings: On Integrity, and Being Here for the Party

I'm having a existential crisis. I just had a meeting with an editor at a big magazine to pick his brain aboutwriting, blogs, and the editorial life. And I left feeling completely confused. Because he asked me why I was at fashion week, and I realized I'm at fashion week because I feel like it's a cool thing to be at. That didn't sound like a great answer to give someone whom I admire and would love to write for someday, so I ended up talking myself in circles and then ultimately saying, "I'm here to figure out what the hype is all about." Not "I love the clothes" or "I want to decipher the trends in fall clothes." No, I basically said that I was here for the party (more after the jump).

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Abelardo Morell's "Camera Obscura"

I've loved Abe Morell's work for years now, namely his Camera Obscura series, where he projects photographs (usually of the outdoors) onto blank walls and photographs them. The images are so beautifully composed because the lines of the room make the projections wobble and bend--they end up looking like folded paper. The photographs projected are beautiful on their own, but turned upside down and placed on walls of otherwise unremarkable rooms they become even more so. The mystery and the indoor vs. outdoor adds to the aesthetic; one isn't quite sure how it's all happening, how the outside world is being enclosed in an inside one. I've chosen a few New York images from the series for today's BTotD, seeing as that's where I am (after the jump).

Wilder Style + Happenings: Sneak Peek at Crush Boutique, Opening on Newbury TOMORROW!

The owners of Crush Boutique on Beacon Hill Rebecca Penner (left) and Laura Macris are living many girls' dream. Best friends since childhood, the two women run a successful store--so successful, in fact, that they're opening another Crush tomorrow on Newbury Street! It's the perfect Valentine's Day present to Boston, from the beautiful new space to the lovely clothes and jewelry they offer (more after the jump).

Wilder Style: Fall Trend Report and My Favorite Looks So Far

I'm on the train (wondering why on earth the woman a few rows down brought her toddler on the quiet car) to New York City. I'm finally going. New York Fashion Week. It's happening! This is my first time at the shows and I can't wait to share it with you and tell you about all the beautiful things I see. In between going to shows and meetings I'm going to try to get some street style shots, too--these from New York Magazine's fashion blog, The Cut, inspired me. In the meantime, I thought I'd put a few shots of what's happened the past four days in the fashion world (all images are from (more after the jump).

Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: A Mural in Jamaica Plain

Amid the tangle of pavement, street signs, and cars, this mural on the side of a building off Centre Street in Jamaica Plain reminded me that plants do exist. I loved the play of the bike's shadows on the wall and the neutral colors surrounding the painted image.

And with that, happy weekend, dear readers.

Wilder Style: 11 Casual Weekend Wardrobe Pieces

Casual Weekend 1

T by Alexander Wang neon top, $170
J Crew crew neck shirt, $52
Current/Elliott current elliott jeans, $220
J.Crew wide waistband pants, $40
Isabel marant boots, $580
Pierre Hardy lace up sneaker, $495
Madewell cotton handbag, $23
Alexander McQueen leather bangle, £125
Chan luu scarve, $195

I love weekend dressing because it's a great excuse to pull on a pair of leggings, thrown on an oversize sweatshirt, scarf, and coat, and pull on some great sneakers or slouchy boots (granted, I'm a writer/photographer, so I dress like this most of the time) (more after the jump).

Wilder Links: My Photos for Boston Magazine and Other Things You Need to See

Associate Food Editor at Boston Magazine Leah Mennies came up with the brilliant idea of a series for Chowder called Kitchen Spy, in which we'd peer into the chef's home kitchens. The first piece is a look at Jamie Bissonette's apartment; Jamie is the chef/owner of restaurants Coppa and Toro in Boston, and an awesome guy. Leah interviewed Jamie and I took the photos. Check it out to see more from his sweet South End pad (more links after the jump).

Wilder Style: The Hottest One Pieces You've Ever Seen

Didn't think you'd see "hot" and "one-piece" in a sentence together, did you? These full-coverage suits from Black Milk are changing the game in one pieces. You might wonder why I'm posting about swimsuits in February, and it's because my boyfriend's parents are off to the Carribean today. I got so excited for them that I got excited for me to get new suits for the summer, and came across these.

While some of the brand's stuff is on the trashier side of clothing, I think these suits have great (and pretty funny) patterns. I like how they take up the whole space--you're making a statement when you put one on. Which can be kind of fun, especially since anytime you wear a bathing suit you generally are making a statement, which would be, "I'm going to the beach/pool/lying on my front porch in a lawn chair." At least that's what the suit should be saying--if you've got one on for another reason, you should probably take it off (more after the jump).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wilder Style: 8 Whitney Eve Spring 2012 Looks

One of the shows I'll be going to next week is Whitney Eve (designer is Whitney Port from MTV's The Hills and The City). I'm so excited, especially by the tribal prints I'm seeing all over her website. I thought to get ready I'd post some photos from her Spring 2012 line. I love the pastels, love the boxy cuts, and love the oversize sweatshirts. It's all stuff I would (and do) wear. And I'm perfect and have fabulous taste (more after the jump).

Wilder Style: 7 Photos I Love from Fashion Week via Instagram

Since I won't be at fashion week until Monday, I've been viewing shows and industry happenings through the Instagram photos of those who are there. I get such a kick out of this Barbie version of Diane Von Furstenberg that the CFDA put up. She's got the dark hair, wide eyes, and the wrap dress. Pretty perfect (more after the jump).

Wilder Ways: 5 Thing to Do to Make Valentine's Day Less Stupid

Yes, I realized I spelled "Symptoms" wrong on the drawing. I never met a word I couldn't mess up when writing in pen.

Yesterday I went a little heavy on the Valentine's day bashing. While I still think it's a stupid holiday for which greeting card companies and retailers should be patting themselves on the back, there's nothing wrong with making the best of it. If you can separate yourself from the need to spend tons of money on whomever you're with or the feeling bad about yourself if you're not with anyone, there's nothing wrong with celebrating. Hell, I love love! So here are my thoughts for low maintenance, fun, and sane ways to tip your hat to Cupid on February 14th (after the jump).

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wilder Pictures: Beautiful Old Books at The Barrow

For many people, the small town of Concord, Massachusetts is a pilgrimage site. Once home to the great thinkers of the transcendentalist movement such as Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and the Alcotts, Concord has one of the riches literary histories in the country.

I grew up with Concord as my backyard. We'd go swimming in Walden pond (and I still swim across the pond for a workout in the warmer months), I'd go to the Friendly's there after soccer games, and I loved the toy store on Main Street. The literature was not lost on me, though; I read Little Women 13 times, and I underlined Emerson's words in my high school anthology obsessively. The place is in my blood and my mind, and these days, in my daily life. I often find myself in the Main Street Cafe, working in the sun on the banquette by the window (books and photos after the jump).

Wilder Musings: Why Valentine's Day is Ridiculous

My boyfriend's grandfather's rose garden; now THAT is something worth celebrating. 

That Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday is not a ground-breaking statement. We all know it. If you're single, and even if you're normally very content to be single, our society manages to make you feel like an abberation for being so. And if you're in a relationship or married, there's pressure to do something (ie: spend money) that you wouldn't normally do. Getting out of a rut and, say, going out to a fancy dinner or seeing a show can be great--but only if it's what you want, and not what you think you're supposed to want (more musings after the jump).

Wilder Style: Emerson Preview FW2012 + My SS2012 Favorites

Ummm...going to fashion week? Kind of crazy. Very excited. Speaking without pronouns. Will be there Monday through Thursday for shows and meetings and gallivanting with friends. CANNOT wait.

Over the next few days I'm going to roll out photos of the spring lines from the designers whose fall collections I'll see in New York next week. One of those is Emerson, by Boston-based (!!!!) designer Jackie Fraser-Swan (who is a distant relative of Ralph Waldo and has his last name as her middle and the name of her line). I'll be posting about the Emerson show and an interview with Jackie after the fact, but I thought I'd get your fashion week engines going with a sneak peak at Leigh Lezark (a world-famous DJ as well as Karl Lagerfield's muse) in the FW2012 Emerson Collection for Lucky Magazine, above. And here, a look at Emerson's SS2012 collection. My favorite looks (after the jump):

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wilder Giveaway: And the Winner of the JACHS Shirt Is...

Dun dun dun...(after the jump)

Beautiful Thing of the Day: 2 Titian Paintings

To counter all the model-talk in the post below, I had to make sure the BTotD today was as good as it gets. Therefore, I went with Titian, the 16th century Italian painter. The Assumption of the Virgin, above, hangs in the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice; I saw it when I was twelve. The memory of the awe that came over me when I stepped into the dimly lit church and gazed up above the altar seared itself into my mind. The composition, the skill, the colors, the size (it's the city's largest altarpiece) overwhelmed me, and I was speechless (more after the jump).

Wilder Style: A Conversation with Paul Fisher of the CW's "Remodeled"

Paul Fisher, who at one time represented Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Christy Turlington, and more world-famous supermodels, is the star of CW’s new series Remodeled. From the show's website: "Modeling industry veteran Paul Fisher is planning to bring together hundreds of small agencies around the world in a new venture called The Network. The Network will give Paul the leverage to change the industry from the inside out. He has two missions: to make sure agents in small towns no longer get screwed, and to empower models to take control of their careers and lead healthier lives." 

I know next to nothing about modeling, but I do know that the industry isn't exactly famous for mental health. When offered the opportunity to interview Paul, I thought it might be interesting to hear what he has to say about the risks of his job as it concerns the models' self-image and the self-image of the people who look at them. Here, I talk to Paul about body image and more, including Naomi’s public meltdowns, how he's over the sex and the drugs, and how fame isn't real.  

Your show is pretty entertaining.

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait til you see this week. This week is classic. I neuter these guys at the agency we go to (more after the jump).

10 Things I Like, Volume 2

Here's Volume 2 of "10 Things I Like." Everything from chain-mail to Barbasol to Queen Elizabeth (things after the jump).

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wilder Happenings: The Super Bowl That Became Sad (A Photo Essay of Mostly Food + Me in Hipster Glasses)

Being a Patriots fan, I can't really say much about last night. All I can say is that I did enjoy that the misery was shared. Sports incorporate the most primal elements of tribal warfare--they bring people on the same side together, for better or worse. So I guess instead of a post on how awesome Tom Brady and Giselle are (they're still awesome, it's just too soon) here are pictures of food that my friends and I ate. Above, the infamous Doug from Friday's post. His outfit didn't disappoint; you can't really see it, but there are Pats logos on his sneakers (more after the jump).