Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wilder Style: Pendleton Woolen Mills Fall 2012 Collection

Pendleton Woolen Mills, out of Portland, Oregon, have been in business since 1909. Their signature Indian Trading Blanket has morphed into a retail line since then, and I was lucky enough to get a peek at their Fall 2012 Collection. The colors, rich as ever, blend beautifully with their woolen base, and even go well with nylon for some vests and jackets (more after the jump).

Wilder Pictures: 8 Photos of Stunning Sunday Light

There's not much I have to say about these. They just make me feel peaceful and happy, the way any good Sunday afternoon should. Thought I'd share them with you to hopefully calm down your Tuesday--especially if your week has been as hectic as mine so far (after the jump).

Wilder Style: Sault New England in Boston's South End

Sault New England, a menswear shop that opened in September in Boston's South End, shows how much a good display matters. Among the fabulous selection of vintage flannel and sweaters, new tees and boots, little trinkets, books, and funny cards sit atop wonderfully curated table-tops. While Sault markets itself as a menswear store, I found myself totally enthralled by their goodies--though to be fair, I never met a men's flannel shirt I didn't want. But even less menswear-prone women will find reasons to open their wallets, be it for a gift for a guy or a hilarious birthday card for a best friend. And what woman could help but swoon over those little baby Bean Boots (more after the jump)?

Wilder Pictures: January from the iPhone, "What I Did" Part 2

Yesterday, I posted Part 1 of January from the iPhone. Here, dear readers, is Part 2 of "What I Did" in this glorious past month (after the jump).

Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Alex MacLean's Aerial Photography

Atlantic City, NJ

Aerial Photographer Alex MacLean's work isn't just beautiful, it's important. Alex has taken images America's sprawling cities and suburbs, documenting our nonchalant attitude towards our environment and the way we organize ourselves in it (one of my friends wrote her thesis on sprawl using photos Alex took). What makes Alex's work so incredible is the level of destruction he can show you while making you gasp at how stunningly pleasing it is to look at. His composition is flawless, his technique impeccable. 

Here are some of his photographs from his show Along the Shore that was on display last year at the Clark Gallery, in Lincoln, MA (where both Alex and I are from). These focus on where water meets land, sometimes as it would naturally, and other times as we have made it (after the jump).

Wilder Style: Oak Street Bootmakers Collection 2012 + Interview with Founder/Designer George Vlagos

George Vlagos, founder and designer of Oak Street Bootmakers, has deep roots in footwear. His father, a first generation Greek immigrant, is a cobbler in Chicago, and George didn't fall far from the tree. He founded Oak Street Bootmakers a year and a half ago, and the young company has already captured the hearts and feet of many a well-dressed man (and the women who buy shoes for them). Although the company is based in Chicago, the boots are made in Bangor, Maine. Those of you who read the blog regularly know my obsession with Maine, where I grew up during summers and then lived for five years; I even have a few friends from Bangor! I makes me happy to see such a great business investing in a state I love so much.

I recently took pictures of Oak Street's 2012 collection at Project NY and caught up with George, one of the friendliest and most earnest guys I've met in a while. We talked about the importance of American manufacturing, how L.L. Bean helped his business, and why his cell phone is the number on Oak Street's website.

I hear you have quite a history with shoes (interview after the jump).

A Wilder Giveaway: 3 Readers Will Win a J.A.C.H.S. Shirt!

Last week I posted about the fabulous company Just A Cheap Shirt's Fall 2012 line. Most of you probably wished you could pluck the shirts right off the hangers, right? Well great news: YOU CAN!

I'm thrilled to announce that The Wilder Things and J.A.C.H.S are giving away shirts to 3 lucky winners. Here's how you can enter the drawing; it's super easy (after the jump).

Wilder Pictures: January from the iPhone, "What I Did" Part 1

This month I did not go camping. 

Every month I do a roundup of what I've done and what I wore to do it. Since getting my iPhone 4s at the beginning of January, however, the number of pictures I've been taking has sky-rocketed. So I'm breaking this month's roundup into three parts: "What I Did" Parts 1 and 2, and then "What I Wore." Here, Part 1 (after the jump).

Friday, January 27, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Jim Dow's American Studies

Jim Dow's exhibit, American Studies (the photo above is the cover of his book by the same name) is coming to Boston's Robert Klein Gallery on March 5th. I couldn't be more excited to see the show, because Dow's photographs embody the beauty of Americana while displaying the somewhat terrifying truths behind it (more photos after the jump).

Wilder Style: The Madly, Fall 2012 (Project NY)

The Madly's booth caught my eye at Project NY for several reasons, the first being that I love backpacks, the second being that I love leather, and the third being that I love a good rustic display. Bingo, bango, bongo (real words after the jump).

Wilder Style: In Which I Wear Wide Leg and Harem Pants

A few weeks ago I posted about how badly I wanted a pair of wide leg pants. Well, folks, it happened: I bit the bullet and bought some. The ever chic, ever lust-inducing Alan Bilzerian is holding their winter sale now, so I snagged these Malloni pants (be warned: their website is in Italian--more after the jump).

Wilder Links: 3rd Week of January

Hipster Disney princesses from Papermag's Thursday edition of The Morning Funnies. I got such a kick out of this: "sweetie, which Disney hipster are you? Do you want a cigarette to go with your after-school snack?" I'd like to be Pochohontas. Whatta babe (MANY MORE links after the jump).

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wilder Happenings: Street Style on Boston Magazine's Bostonista

Hey guys. Quick post just to let you know that my street style photos are now going up on Boston Mag's style blog, Bostonista. If you don't already read it, you should: they have great posts, and I'm honored to be taking photos and writing for them. Go to the blog to see the two posts up so far from my Harvard Square shoot (and learn who this well-dressed woman above is), with some more coming over the next week (and hopefully a new batch after that).

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Dorothea Lange Photos from the 1930s (via MOMA)

When photographer Dorothea Lange grew bored taking photos only in studios in the 1930s, she looked to her surroundings for inspiration. And she found the people of a economically depressed America (sound familiar?). For today's BTotD I've picked my favorites from The Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection (after the jump).

Wilder Style: Who Knew There Were So Many Vintage Bags with Maps on Them?

I love maps, and I love leather, but I never thought I'd be able to have both in one item. Yesterday, however, my thinking changed. I typed in "Vintage Map" into Etsy's vintage section, and while most of the hits I got were for paper maps, I found a startling amount of vintage bag with maps on them! How bizarre; I guess it was a trend in the later 20th century. Here are some of my favorites (after the jump).

Notes from the Margins: Joyces' "Portrait of the Artist," Annotated by Me

I was seventeen when I first read James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. And it changed my life. I was in high school Irish Literature class with the amazing Ms. Knowles--I was the only junior in a roomful of seniors, and it was the first time I had experienced a group of people becoming close because of art. But Portrait did more than show me the power literature has to bring people together: it also taught me that I was not alone (more after the jump).

Wilder Style: Alpha Industries (Project NY)

In the teaser for the Project NY posts, I put up a picture of an Alpha Industries jacket (the awesome orange one for Fall 2012). Alpha started out over fifty years ago manufacturing jackets for the military, and branched out in the 70s with a commercial line. Their goods are built to last, because if there's any place you don't want a jacket falling apart, it's when you're at war (more after the jump).

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wilder Style: Dita Eyewear SS2012 (at Project NY)

I have a thing for sunglasses, so you can imagine how excited I got about the Dita Eyewear SS2012 collection at Project NY. Good friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper founded Dita in 1996 in California, and based the look of the brand on vintage frames from the '50s through the '80s. Dita intentionally doesn't have a large logo so that the frames speak for themselves, which makes me like them even more (more after the jump).

Wilder Pictures: Street Style NYC, and Announcing Boston Mag Edition!

When I was creeping around the streets of New York City I took a few shots of people. Which is a great way to tell you all that starting today I'll be taking street style photos for Boston Magazine's Bostonista site! Swing by Harvard Square at 2 this afternoon and maybe I'll think you're stylish enough to take your picture. I'll be tweeting my exact location, so follow me (@TheWilderThings) to have your shot at being famous for looking good (more photos after the jump).

Wilder Happenings: A Tour of M+S Schmalberg in NYC's Garment District

Yesterday I posted about touring the Garment District factory Regal Originals, with promises for photos of the flower-making factory today. And here they are! M&S Schmalberg has been a family business since 1919; they've made fabric flowers for the bridal and high fashion industries for four generations. M&S Schalberg makes flowers for top designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Manolo Blahnik, Ralph Lauren, and many more, and the factory's work has appeared on Sex and the City and also adorned the fascinators of some royals at Kate and William's wedding last year (more after the jump).

Beautiful Thing of the Day: John Singer Sargent's Sketches at the MFA

Great painters are known for their paintings, obviously. But what about their sketches for large works or murals? John Singer Sargent's drawings are examples of the beauty that can come from preparation. The Museum of Fine Arts Boston has an extensive collection of John Singer Sargent's sketches for his murals and paintings given to them in 1928 by Sargent's sisters, Emily Sargent and Violet Ormond.

I've loved Sargent ever since my mother took me to see a traveling show of his greatest works at the MFA when I was about ten. His painting Gassed, of soldiers blinded by mustard gas in World War I leading each other out of the trenches, made me cry; never had a painter broken my heart like that before. It was the last painting in the show, hung against a maroon wall, and I exited into the gift shop both elated and unable to get Gassed out of my head (more paintings and sketches after the jump).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Gatsby (Well, Daisy Buchanan) in Concord (Well, at the Bookshop)


When I was little, spending the day in Concord with my dad was my idea of heaven. On weekends when my mom was writing on deadline, he'd take me (sometimes by train!) to that transcendental haven where Emerson, Thoreau, and Alcott lived. We'd go to the toy store where we'd play with the electric train. We'd have lunch at Brigham's or Friendly's (which we could do because of my very healthy mother's not being there), and stop by the sporting goods store to see what was new in the way of soccer balls. The last thing we would always do is go to the Concord Bookshop, where I would pick out the latest Berenstain Bears book, or, as I got older, a novel that I wanted to read (more after the jump).

Wilder Style: A Look Inside Kara Ross' Showroom: Boutique Collection FW2012 + Gemstone Collection SS2012

When I was in NYC I stopped by Kara Ross' showroom to see her Boutique Collection for Fall/Winter 2012 and her Gemstone Collection for Spring. I was blown away by the exotic skins and supple leathers of the handbags and boutique jewelry, and fell in love with the intricate designs of the gemstone jewels (more after the jump).

Wilder Beatz: Getting My Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, and Sippie Wallace On

All morning I've been grooving to some of the great jazz/blues singers of all time. Namely the dapper gentlemen and lady mentioned in the title of this post. I didn't do a drawing for them because the photos and videos are infinitely better than anything I could come up with. The pattern of Ray's jacket, for example, is alone enough to make me love him, even though he had my heart the minute I first heard his music (songs after the jump).

Wilder Happenings: A Tour of Nanette's Design Room + Regal Originals Factory (Makers of Nanette, Theory, and Many More)

 Yesterday I posted about the Nanette Lepore brunch I went to on Friday; I told you about beautiful clothes, delicious bloody marys, and great conversation. Today, I'm going to get a little more technical as I take you through the tour of Nanette's design room and some factories in the Garment District. Thanks to Erica Wolf, Special Projects Director at Nanette Lepore and Executive Director of the organization Save the Garment Center, I learned why continuing to manufacture clothes in America (and New York, specifically) is so vital to the economy, the well-being of tens of thousands, and the history of midtown Manhattan (more, including designer clothes being made, after the jump).

Monday, January 23, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Edward Weston for Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" (and ten lines of Whitman)

Edward Weston is one of my favorite photographers. His work is textured and raw, and the composition as close to perfect as it gets (more, more! after the jump!)

Wilder Style: Just A Cheap Shirt Fall 2012 (@ ProjectNY)

The minute I saw the J.A.C.H.S booth at Project New York, my eyes lit up. Not only are they casual men's shirts with great details (look at those pockets! that stitching!), but they each come with their OWN BANDANA. Yes, you read that correctly, for their Fall 2012 line, you get a bandana with the shirt (more after the jump).

Wilder Beatz: "Yellow is the Color," Donovan

This song is one of my favorites to put on in the summer, driving along a dusty back road in Maine with the windows down. Therefore, I thought it would be a good reminder (at least for me) when in the throes of winter bleakness that those days do exist (song after the jump).

Wilder Pictures: Times Square at Night (with Minnie Mouse and Elmo?)

When I was little, I loved this movie I had on VHS about a little mouse who accidentally gets on a bus and finds her way into the big city where she's dazzled by the lights and the millions of other mice (kind of gross when I write it down, but the movie was cute, I swear). Every time I go into Times Square, I feel like that little mouse. And speaking of mice, Minnie Mouse was in the Square when I was, too (photos after the jump).

Wilder Happenings + Style: Brunch with Nanette Lepore, Spring and Pre-Fall Collections

The elevator opened and I stepped out into the showroom. Winter light streamed in the 17th story windows and landed on the intricate table decorations of fresh vegetables and candelabras as guests milled about the room sipping bloody marys and mimosas. Juggling cameras, cell phones, and drinks proved a first world problem, but even 21st century balancing acts couldn't take away from the reason we were all there: Nanette Lepore and her spring and pre-fall 2012 collections (more after the jump).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wilder Pictures: NYC Graffiti

I love graffiti, if you couldn't tell from the junkyard photos. The grit, the spontaneity, and the dynamism of the images and words appeal to me. I therefore spent a good part of today roaming around NYC taking pictures of walls, which was not at all a bad way to pass the time. Here are a few I particularly liked (after the jump).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wilder Style: A Teaser for the Project NY Posts

This afternoon I stopped by the trade show Project NY on Mercer street and saw what felt like a bajillion brands. It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by people who care about the beautiful things they're making, and were so kind and open about it with me. I've got a lot of posts coming for many of the Fall 2012 collections there, but since I don't have time to do a proper one now, I'm posting a few photos because I'm a tease (after the jump).

Wilder Pictures, Studio Visit: Painter, Sculptor, and Architect Gail Boyajian

Gail Boyajian is best known for her stunning paintings of skies filled with birds, cell-towers, art history greats, Sienese angels, and people she knows. The details are exquisitely rendered--nothing goes unpainted, and the result is a vivid, balanced, and wild work of art. But lately, Gail has started trying something new. And that something is sculpture. Namely, casting bronze horses (more after the jump).

Wilder Musings and Beatz: En Route to NYC

As I write this I am once again on a train hurtling towards New York City. We've passed crowded highways full of morning commuters, empty soccer fields with patches of snow dotting the browned grass, and strip malls and packaging stores outside of Providence, RI. One of the men across from me looks like Toby from The Office, and he's asleep, so he looks about as sad as Toby usually does, too. The other one is a larger fellow whose shirt button is undone across his stomach. I debated telling him, but I don't think I'm going to because I don't want to embarrass him. He'll figure it out sooner or later (more and a song after the jump).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wilder Style: 2 Insanely Awesome Sweaters from Jil Sander, Mens Fall 2012

Please excuse the effusive title of this post, but I just can't help myself, because these two looks just blew me out of the water. The sweaters, from Jil Sander's Fall 2012 Collection, embody the reasons why I love menswear; you can take a fairly straightforward sweater, add a slightly ironic and totally adorable graphic, and send it down the runway. Not sure this would fly as well in a women's show--there's an expectation for more polished, dazzling looks. I'll take both of these sweaters please, gender specifications be damned (second look after the jump).

Beautiful Thing of the Day: 3 Sailors on Schooner Heritage

Every summer I'm lucky enough to participate in the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, a wooden boat race that's been held off the mid-coast of Maine annually since 1985. When I bought my Nikon in 2009 the first place I took it was to the ERR, where I got this shot of the schooner Heritage, based out of Rockland, Maine, and three of her crew perched on the jib sail. I believe I took this off the coast of North Haven island. The schooner wasn't in the regatta; it was sailing in the opposite direction, and tourists looked on as the fleet of the most stunning yachts from all over the world cruised by. Not a bad side-show to a cruising vacation.

I posted this photo here a a few years ago, when I was blogging intermittently. Check out the other photos of the 2009 race here. I still have to put up the photos I took of this year's race (I wasn't blogging this summer), but that's for another post.

Wilder Pictures: Junkyard Series, "Ground"

This is the second installment of my junkyard explorations on Saturday. It's a good thing I went when I did, because the snow that fell last night would now be blocking out all the intricacies of the ground (photos after the jump).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wilder Beatz: "Naked and Bleeding," The Sunshine Boys

My next door neighbor from when I was growing up recently posted this song, "Naked and Bleeding," by his band The Sunshine Boys, on his Facebook page. I listened to it and loved it immediately, so I made it the Wilder Beatz for today (song after the jump)!

Wilder Style: Rag and Bone Spring 2012 Boots

In an act of internet defiance, I am not going to post about the Golden Globes. There are enough blogs and tabloids doing so already, and to be honest, I think the whole awards season is mostly Hollywood preening around for Hollywood (not that I haven't looked at every single dress and discussed them at length; please, I love my celeb gossip), and I don't really have much to add to the coverage (boots after the jump).

Beautiful Thing of the Day: MLK's "I Have A Dream Speech"

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I'm posting the great man's "I Have A Dream" speech. When I was in fourth grade my teacher had us memorize parts of it not just for the message, which is of course profound and important, but for the rhetoric. Martin Luther King Jr. was a poet as well as an activist, and this is one of the most inspiring speeches in the history of our country. I urge you to find an audio version of it online--hearing him deliver the words makes them even more beautiful (text  after the jump). 

Wilder Pictures: Junkyard Series, Walls

The light filtered through the clouds, the freezing wind sluiced around my uncovered ears, and only a few cars drove by as I took pictures of a junkyard in Somerville on Saturday. I'd been wanting to shoot this place for a few weeks now--the crumbling, peeling forms appeal to me. I'm calling the first installment I'll post "Walls." Later this week I'll put up "Ground" and "Parts" (shots after the jump).

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wilder Pictures: From the Archives, Columbus Day in Maine

I found these pictures when going through some photos of a recent shoot; they'd gotten mixed up in more current files. Since I never posted them (I hadn't gone full blog-to-the-wall yet in October) I thought I'd put them up now. Especially since it's nice to see that boats can be in the water even though the harbors are currently bare (more after the jump).

Wilder Beatz: "We 'Bout Love (Rihanna Remix)" Sunny (of Aer)

Thanks to my friends over at Sunset In The Rearview, I will be playing this song all weekend (more after the jump).

Wilder Style: 10 Pieces of J.Crew Accessory Porn (Women AND Men)

If I don't scour the J.Crew site and write about what I want at least every two weeks I end up buying too much from them. This blog is like my Shopper's Annonymous sponsor; if I write about it, sometimes it diffuses the craving. So today's post is on accessories for Le Crew (more after Le Jump). 

Notes From The Margins: "Catcher in the Rye" annotated by Kate O'Donnell

It's been too long since I've posted for this project so I'm thrilled that Kate sent in a picture. Please send your Notes from the Margins in if you have any; I really want to keep this going!

Ah yes, Catcher in the Rye. We've all been there: identifying with Holden as being a misunderstood teen, laughing with him when Marsalla farts in chapel, weeping with him as his life unravels, and hoping we're not "phonies."

But not all of us have done quite as well as Kate O'Donnell to illustrate the book's cover. In case you can't read it, the words read (counter-clockwise): "rye, baby, net."