Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wilder Pictures: Fall Foliage Pre-Sandy

I feel like I have to tell you the truth about where I took these pictures. They are not, as they probably lead you to believe, in the middle of some glorious wood or beside a lovely lake, but rather in the parking lot of an office park outside my gym (I mean, technically it is next to a reservoir, but separated by a whooole lot of asphalt). Behind these bright orange leaves and vermillion stems are some huge-ass office buildings with a whole lot of reflective glass and ugly cement. The pavement around the trees was full of cars (more after the jump).

But doesn't that say something about photography (and writing)? That what we decide to leave out can completely alter the picture (and then there's Photoshop--whole other can of worms)? Perhaps it's the secret of great art, great story-telling, great branding: show only what you want, only what you choose, and you own the narrative. On the other hand, maybe these pictures would be way better if there were glass and concrete in them, and maybe in art owning the narrative isn't what's important. Maybe getting at the truth is. But what's the truth? Dun dun dunnnn.

I'm starting to think myself in circles, and I'm getting sleepy, so I'm going to stop rambling and show you these pictures. Since Sandy has seemed to strip away anything that was left of the foliage before she came and bitch-slapped her way up the East Coast, these are a nice reminder of glorious, sunny fall. Hope you enjoy them, even though I left out office buildings.

P.S. I started work. And I'm loving it. It's been a bit overwhelming, but I love being busy, and it's awesome to have so much to learn and throw myself into. Most importantly, the people I work with are just about the coolest cats around. I'm feeling very lucky!

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  1. Great photos. Fall is always too short; here and gone. Sometimes not even here for a week.


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