Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Things I Like + Wilder Words: F. Scott Fitzgerald, On What To Do?

As I try to figure out some next steps in a few different areas of my life, I constantly have to remind myself to slow down, to take everything one day at a time. It's so easy to fall into the trap that Fitzgerald describes here; to get so obsessed with finding answers and knowing what will happen next. If I let myself go down that rabbit hole, worrying about one afternoon easily snowballs into a freak-out concerning the greater trajectory of my life and whether I'll have granite counter-tops in 30 years (I better--more after the jump).

The obvious bottom line is that we can't see the future. And so in some ways, worrying about the afternoon, the next day, or anything at all is totally irrelevant. I'm feeling pretty Buddhist today, but when you think about it, the only thing we really have, the only thing that is certain, is the moment we're in. And I often forget that the "now" is just as valid a time in my life as the "later." 

But thinking rational is different from feeling rationally; the former is much easier than the later. So I guess it's just nice to know that even people who were really good at what they did (like our friend Fitzgerald) worried about the same things I do. Just a little existential validation for a Friday. Which is always nice.

And now, a random assortment of "10 Things I Like," because it's been way too long: 

Because I love L.L. Bean, I love cable knit sweaters, and I love fishermen (?).

2. This map of farmer's markets in Cambridge:

Because one must always know where one's vegetables may be found as fresh as can be. 

3. Swedish Fish and an iced chai, while sitting outside of Darwin's on Mt. Auburn Street. 

One of my good friends moved to L.A. this spring, and when she still lived in Boston we'd go to Darwin's and each get a Swedish Fish and talk for hours. I miss her. So in honor of Meggie, I got two Swedish Fish yesterday. And ate them both.

4. This postcard of JFK that I got at Porter Square Books:

I need to prove that I live at my apartment to get my car registered, so I bought two postcards to send to myself as proof of address. This was one of them. 

5. Michelle Obama at the DNC

Because her speech was brilliant, her dress gorgeous, and I'm in love with her. Did you know she has the highest approval ratings of any first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt?

I'm reading it now and it's fascinating. About Americans in London during World War II--I highly recommend it (especially if you're as nerdy about history as I am).

Because I want it.

Because you can win $100 of Designer Social credit AND be featured on their blog (contributed to by yours truly)! Enter, enter, enter!

Because all I ever want to do these days is eat corn. Especially local MA corn--it's just unparalleled in sweetness.

Because with that gold heel, it's game over. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Much love from the big medium-sized city!

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  1. Love love love the cuff and the book is a must read! And I so appreciative of how your reminded us all to be more in the now--must pay closer attention to that!

    adorn la femme


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