Friday, June 29, 2012

Wilder Words + Beautiful Thing of the Day: Moonrise Kingdom

I would watch a Wes Anderson movie in which all the characters do is move from room to room. His plots, while brilliant and important, are almost secondary to the stunning composition and hue of his shots. I've written about The Darjeeling Limited before on TWT as a Wilder Words, and I'm thrilled to add Moonrise Kingdom to the ranks. I love the quotation above for its simplicity and honesty. "I'm on your side." Four words, a whole lot of gravitas.

In addition to the quotation above, the palette of primary colors, with the slightly sepia tone that Anderson uses in all his films, also makes me melt. The colors have such weight, such heft, and hold together the sequence of events as much as the story line does. The compositions of the shots also get me. They're so geometric, so perfectly planned, so symetrical. I'm dying to go see Moonrise again, because there's too much in each frame to really appreciate it after only one viewing.

I also have a huge crush on Bill Murray, so that could play into my entire fixation.

Or the fact that the movie is shot on an island, and I love islands.

Or that it's just a really lovely story and I cried at the end.

Whatever it is, check out these stills.



  1. I recently heard Wes interviewed on NPR and it made me like him even more. Can't wait to see this one!


    1. No way! I have to hear that. It's a great movie, definitely worth seeing :)


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