Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wilder Style: The Real McCoy's via Inventory Magazine (or) Japan Knows What's Up

I was recently cruising around Inventory Magazine and came across the brand The Real McCoy's. I don't know if you get as pumped about great cotton and sweats as I do, but if so, prepare to be blown away by these. The Japanese brand, who bases their designs on American military style (like the second sweatshirt above, via Superdenim), knows how to cut a t-shirt and make a sweatshirt look cozy. The grey one above, for example, just begs to be crawled into and curled up in. Or paired with a great pair of cut off jean shorts and some boat shoes. Speaking of boat shoes, stay tuned for a boat shoe post soon. And if you haven't checked out Inventory, definitely do so. They've got many more awesome brands in their stockroom as well as some beautiful photography and culture pieces in their mag (more after the jump).

But back to The Real McCoy's. They also produce a brand called Buco, which started out as a motorcycle clothing and accessories company in 1940, went out of business, and The Real McCoy's now owns the license. I love this graphic tee:

The back is awesome, too:

And, in keeping with my handkerchief theme, a lovely bandana:

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  1. Hey, Calvin here. The Real McCoy sweaters are the real deal, I happen to have one and it is an incredibly well produced article of clothing, I'll show it to you sometime...


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