Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wilder Street Style: 6 Parisians, from Behind

While some may call Paris the city of light, I've coined it the city of people-watching; I'd never seen so many beautifully dressed citizens in my life. While this revelation isn't necessarily ground-breaking (I mean, there's a reason French women have the reputation for being the best dressed in all the land) it was thrilling for me to see for myself. I feasted my eyes on the fitted shirts, perfectly tailored suits, elegant heels, and terrific trench coats (like the one above). And, being the sneaky blogger that I am, I managed to capture quite of few of the outfits, and the generally stunning people who wore them, on camera. Here, to start off the Paris street style posts, is a collection of six photos I've aptly titled, "6 Parisians, from Behind" (after the jump).

The texture of the coat, the heels with socks, the almost-clashing's all so good. 

There is nothing better than a slightly rumpled, made-to-fit khaki suit. Unless it's a slightly rumpled, made-to-fit khaki suit paired with argyle socks and suede shoes. Then it's dynamite. This homme knows what's up.

I couldn't resist. A waiter in suspenders.

A bit blurry, but I loved that she had the nerve to wear a scrunchie. And those sneakers...parfait.

The androgynous look. I think this was a man but I couldn't be sure. Regardless, if the suit fits, wear it.


  1. When we were in Paris I could NOT stop my gaze of admiration (and maybe a little envy) at all the Parisian passersby. Even the mothers are always glamorous. It all seems so effortless too! They're an inspiring group, that's for sure.


    1. hahah MORE than a little envy I hate to say...they really are beautiful!

  2. Love this post! Yes - the Parisians are certainly stylish!. Whenever I go to Paris, I always feel like I have to dress up just to walk around - it's magnifique!

    1. Thanks so much, Leslie! I know, I thought so hard about what I wore! So much fun :) Thanks for reading!


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