Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Things I Like: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

I have been slacking on the weekly "10 Things I Like" posts, and for that I am deeply sorry. I don't know if you missed them as much as I did, but with a trip to Europe and some sweeping life changes going on, I kind of let it get away from me.

Not to worry, dear readers; we're back, and better than ever, with a Memorial Day weekend edition! Wahoo! Here, some things I like related to the beginning of summer (even though it's not officially summer until June 21, Memorial Day totally kicks it off). I'll be in Hadley, NY, spending some time in the woods and lakes of the Adirondack Mountains with no internet, no email, no cell other words, bliss. I hope you all have something fun planned, even if it's just sitting outside with a book. Call me easy to please, but that sounds pretty close to heaven.

And now, 10 Things I Like (after the jump). 

1. White pants for men 

I couldn't post about memorial day without posting about white pants, because of the "white pants only after memorial day" rule (even though that's no longer hard and fast). Here's a great pair for guys from Opening Ceremony. They're called the "Hentsch Man Joe Pant," and if you think their name isn't the reason I'm posting about them...well, you're wrong. They're also great looking pants. But the name is the best part.

2. White Pants for Women

My favorite shorts in the world are an old denim pair of Levi's I ordered from Urban Outfitters back in college. It's therefore no surprise that this vintage pair of Levi's 501s caught my eye. Love that high waist, love that rolled leg.

3. Citra Sipper

Because who hasn't wanted to drink out of an orange the way they show it on the Tropicana carton? 

4. This New Yorker Cover

While I may have graduated a year ago, I still kind of feel like this. What this cover doesn't picture is the Titanic of self-doubt and barrage of thoughts along the lines of "what am I doing with my life" that occasionally barges through the little ice flows.

5. "Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches" via Smitten Kitchen

Because it's memorial day, and any barbeque that doesn't have ice cream sandwiches is a lesser barbeque for it.

5. Takahiro Miyasha and Oliver Peoples sunglasses

These, at $600, are not cheap, nor are they probably worth it. But damn, they're a good looking pair of shades, aren't they? 

6. Marg + Melon Cocktail via NPR's food blog, The Salt

NPR recently ran a piece on lower calorie cocktails. This one clocks in at about 150, which for a sweet drink is pretty good. While I haven't tried making it, I'd like to; I happen to love both margaritas and watermelon. Soooo, this seems like a win-win.

6a. Gritty's Vacationland 

If we're talking summer drinks, I can't leave out Gritty's Vacationland beer. Even though I usually prefer wine, something about this summery brew just makes me think of high school summers summer afternoons since I was 21 spent with a cold beer on sunny docks in Maine. Oh god. This will be my first summer not living in Maine since I was, oh, I don't know, ZERO years-old. It's for a great reason (more on that later) but it's a huge change. 

7. This A-frame in Hadley, NY

Because this adorable little house is where I'll be spending the next few nights! I'll bring back photos of Adirondack chairs and lakes. And hopefully not too many mosquito bites.

If you're going on a weekend picnic, put your sandwiches in this, because it's a) the cutest thing I've ever seen and b) great for the environment. ANOTHER win-win!

Ok, this one is a long shot for a lot of people, but if you're a history nerd like me, you may also get excited about the prospect of reading this book over a long weekend. On the other hand, if you're trying to have a happy, relaxing time, death on muddy battlefields may not be your thing, to which I say: your loss. I can't wait to crack this bad boy open, especially since I was just in France.

Because after a book about a WWI battle, I thought I'd lighten the weekend mood with my new favorite lipstick. I just bought this in a great coral hue, and I highly recommend it! Very summery and bright.

I shouldn't even have to write a caption to this. Look at that picture; it's pretty self-explanatory.

And with that, happy weekend, my dear readers! I hope you all have plans that will allow you to relax, recuperate, and rejoice. If there's anything you think I should add to my Memorial day weekend list (and there's a ton, I know--10 was hard to narrow it down to!), let me know in the comments.


  1. Love all of these! Especially the hammock. I can't wait to not live in the city one day, have a nice yard, and get a big ol' hammock for summer naps. Have a great weekend!

    1. Ah wouldn't that be wonderful? I'd like that, too. Someday, Amy, someday!


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