Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wilder Ways: Drink This Tea, All You Teapigs

We all have bad days. And in my few but eventful years on this earth, I've found that tea can often help make those days better. Especially tea with lots of milk and honey.

And buying tea is almost and good as drinking it. I must admit that I buy tea the way I buy wine: by the label. If it's got a funny name and good graphic design on the box/bag, I'm sold. So when I saw Teapigs in Whole Foods the other day, I clearly had no choice but to put the rooibos and chamomile varieties into my cart (more after the jump).

Teapigs is a based outside of London in Brentford, where a dedicated team of tea-makers (and Harvey the dog) hold court. Their website gives a really explanation of the different kinds of tea; for example, rooibos is supposed to be great for calming nerves, which probably explains why it made me feel better yesterday. I found it really interesting to read about which teas ferment, which don't, and where each one comes from. Definitely worth checking out.

And the tea itself was divine. I've yet to try the chamomile, but the rooibos was awesome. And while $8.99 is a bit steep (pun indended) for a box of tea, the taste and the little nylon baggies the tea comes in were both well worth it.


  1. and also compost-able, although they dont look it. fun (and important) facts.

    1. That IS fun and important! Great to know. Into the woods I shall fling them.


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