Friday, April 6, 2012

Wilder Style: Why Wear High Heels When You Can Wear Sneakers with High Heels on Them? (and) A Challenge to Male Readers from Nana

I first started following Danielle Prescod (Assistant Editor at Moda Operandi) on Twitter when I met her back in February. She was awesome in person, but she's almost better on Twitter; witty tweets, bitchy tweets, nice tweets, she covers it all. But her photos are definitely the ones I look forward to most, because I get sneak peaks at what's going on in the Moda offices. She posted a photo of these sneakers on Wednesday, and since then I've been glued to my screen, waiting for Moda to tell me what they are and when I can buy them. And today, they finally did (after the jump).

The sneaks are from Be&D, the shoe and accessory line based in NYC. I love everything about them. They're a) sneakers, so they fit my wardrobe requirements for shoes, b) they're funny, and c) they have either guns or high heels or skeletons on them, so you can be fancy or dangerous, depending on your mood. And if you wear the ones with bones in the shape of high heels, you can be fancy AND dangerous.

 I just showed them to Nana as she eats her toast (enjoying the last bready goodness before Passover sets in) and she said, "They're fabulous! Amazing! Imagine boys wearing them!" So I have a challenge for my guy readers: wear them. Send me a picture of you in these shoes and I'll send you Nana's autograph. That's a signature worth at least $1000 on the black market, so hop it.

And thanks, Danielle, for making my week go by super slowly as I waited for these. 


  1. Yup. I'll share. You take the left, I'll take the right ;)

    1. these shoes will look smoking hot on me but i don't see a price


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