Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wilder Style: Kate Spade on Newbury Expands (and) Florence Broadhurst (and) 10 Shoes I'd Love to Wear

Yesterday I posted about Selima Optique for Jack Spade, but how could I write about Jack without mentioning about his better half, Kate? I couldn't. Especially since I recently visited the week-old Kate Spade NY showroom (or shoeroom, rather) in the lower half of the store on Newbury Street. Natural light floods into the space, and the display on which the shoes are set up is back lit, so they appear to float on the shelves. Kate Spade has a very cool collection out right now; they licensed twelve wallpaper prints by interior designer Florence Broadhurst, and incorporated them into shoe, clothing, and accessory lines. Florence was quite the woman-- she ran a hugely successful design/wallpaper business in Australia, had a tumultuous personal life, and was murdered in 1977. Check out her Wikipedia page for a more complete biography, it's pretty wild (more after the jump).

Here are a few of Florence's prints:


The Kate Spade designs take into account the era in which the prints were produced; for example, the retro-looking shoes above. I know kitten heels don't get a lot of love these days, but in a vintage print they seem to make more sense (talk about Mad Men style). Though this mannequin below is not impressed:

See that neon, by the way? Even socks can play.

 I'm totally into the cork and patent leather flats above. The texture and color contrasts so well.

More neon socks!

Holy heel details. Brava, Kate, brava.


The store's decor pays homage to Florence's aesthetic and time, from a shelf filled with books from the '60s and 70s... the striped metallic wallpaper in the staircase. The wallpaper works well to open up the confined space of the stairwell and make it appear larger than it is. And it looks great with the pink floral design on the wall above it that gets reflected in the stripes:

Can you find the hidden blogger?


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