Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wilder Style: Cole Haan's Got Sole, Neon sole (or) 10 Shoes for Men and Women


I had to be a sneaky blogger to get these shots (not the editorial right above these words--that I straight-up stole from the web). Apparently Cole Haan doesn't love it when you waltz into their stores and start taking photos of their shoes. Never one to let rules stop me (just talk to any teacher from my high school...or administrator at my college...why yes, I am a badass, I thought you'd never ask), I found a way to get some photos of these bangin' LunarGrand Wingtips because you wonderful readers deserve to see them. I know I've beaten this neon thing to death, but I can't help posting when I see a piece that uses the trend to jazz up a basic this well. I'd like to go bowling, tap-dancing, or singin'-in-the-rain in these bad boys, even though they're made for men (more after the jump).

In the photo below, you can just barely make out a pair of snake-skin wingtips underneath the yellow jacket. See them? They're for women: the Alissa Oxford. I want them.

Here's a better photo from the web: 

The photo below is a bit of a funky color because I was so busy being sneaky that I forgot to adjust the white balance on my camera. My apologies. The Kody Oxford still looks adorable, despite the ugly pink hue of the photo. And it's for women, rejoice! I like how the leather is thin so it wrinkles a bit near the piping. It looks like a lovingly disheveled, rumpled version of my mom's new Fasciani's at a lesser price.

And here, from Cole Haan's website, are some of the other great shoes they've got for men these days....

Air Yacht Club Boat

Knox Boot

Air Grant Moc Boot

Air Colton Saddle Oxford

...and for women:

Air Morgan Slipper Ballet

Air Britt Chucka Boot

Skylar Oxford

Minka Flat Sandal

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