Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wilder Happenings: On Nostalgia, for The Huffington Post (and) 6 Ads from the '60s

Last Thursday The New Yorker finally came to my house, even though it's supposed to get here on Tuesdays. My mom's theory is that we have a post office manager who hates us liberal yuppies and purposely withholds our New Yorkers and New York Review of Books. Whatever the reason for the delay, I was glad that my favorite magazine finally made it; as I waited for my organic broccoli to cook and sipped my organic Italian wine while wearing a J.Crew sweater and occasionally texting on my iPhone, I read it hungrily (more after the jump).

And I was disappointed, because the first article I read was by Adam Gopnik on the cyclical nature of nostalgia. I got so frustrated with the way he fit his evidence to his theory that I wrote a piece for The Huffington Post about why he's wrong. I also read a piece refuting Gopnik's claims by Linda Holmes of NPR's Monkey See blog, and while I agreed with many of her points, there were a few I wanted to tease out. So I did.

Check out the piece I wrote here. I'd love to know any thoughts you might have; leave them in the comments section below the article. Also, because they're so delicious and fit with the topic of nostalgia, here are five more great ads from the '60:


  1. Love that you refuted the New Yorker article!

    1. Thanks, Abbey! It was terrifying, but someone had to say that it was a stupid theory, haha.


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