Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wilder Beatz: "Need Your Love" by The Temper Trap (or) The Best Music Video I've Seen in a While

Do you ever have those nights when you know you need to go to bed, but you can't get yourself to stop messing around on the computer? I used to do it all the time in college, but since entering the real world have been pretty good about getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. Last night, however, I acted like a total undergrad; I knew I had to get up early this morning, and yet I just couldn't tear myself away from the screen. You see, I really wanted to find a great song to post about today, and you can't force finding a great song. Sometimes I love the first one I listen to on the first site I check out--other times, like last night, I'm up far after Rosie the Dog has had her midnight snack (she munches between 11:30 and 12, without fail, every's pretty cute). 

However long it took, my search eventually proved fruitful, as I came across "Need Your Love" by The Temper Trap. I watched the music video, fell in love with it, and immediately closed my computer and got into bed. I slept easy (well, actually, I then proceeded to stay up even later reading Catherine the Great...oops). 

I find that music videos are often secondary in quality to the music they're showcasing. A lot of them feel like superfluous marketing schemes; that said, when they're good, they're awesome, and can add immeasurably to the song and to the band's image. This video is one of the good ones. I was totally into the story, a Karate Kid takeoff, that the video tells. It's about two rivals and their teacher, and ends with a surprising and sweet twist. The song is called "Need Your Love," and yet the video doesn't deal with romantic love, but instead with respect and admiration for ones mentors, and the importance of morals in the face of adversity. Sorry for going all English-and-history-major-nerdy on you guys, but I really do think it's a great story line with a great message. And the outfits are totally rad.

The Temper Trap is a London-based band originally from Australia. They formed in 2005, and since then they've topped the UK charts a few times and kind of blown up across the pond. I'm probably just musically naive, but I hadn't heard of them before, and I'm so glad I found them. Their new album drops in May, and this is the first single from it. I love the '70s and '80s inspired big chords and the slight rock ballad feel. It works well with the homage to one of the era's most famous films. Can't wait to hear and see what else the band has got up their sleeves.

Speaking of sleeves, here's quick joke: Where does the general keep his armies? In his sleevies!

Yikes. I better stop writing now. Here's the video:

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  1. Saw them at ACL a couple years ago. So good.


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