Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Things I Like: Weekend Edition Volume IV

My dear readers, once again, welcome to the weekend (cue Loverboy I'm pretty excited for my next few days, mostly because I once again have a stack of magazines to get through. I also love seeing people I love, and my evening tonight is full of that. Tomorrow I'm going to see some of friends play on their Mexican-restaurant-sponsored soccer team (free nachos!), and generally being lazy/playing with Rosie the Dog. I also want to cook something, which is why this week actually has 11, instead of 10, Things I Like, because I've included food and drink recipes to make you salivate. So without further ado, the list. I hope it makes your Friday fly by and gives you weekend inspiration!

(10 Things after the jump)

1. The In God We Trust Drinking Situation via Mary Meyer Clothing: 

In God We Trust takes drinking out of mason jars to a whole new level with their "drinking situation." And I like it. In college I used to take huge mason jars of iced tea to class and get made fun of because it looked like I was sipping moonshine. Which, admittedly, would have made some of those 2.5 hour long seminars go by a little bit faster. Though the class "Daily Life Under Stalin" generally ended with trips to the campus pub and shots of vodka with the professor. All in the name of research, of course.

2. From Garage to Mini House, via Inthralld.

I just came across the site Inthralld, and if you don't already know about it, you have to check it out. Amazing design and architecture posts. This post grabbed me in particular, because there's something about tiny living spaces that intrigues me and delights me. Probably because it's a pipe-dream of mine; I would never be able to keep one neat enough to bear living in it. I love the aesthetic of this set up--it's simple, elegant, and full of natural light. And a little rustic and pared down, too. Voila, perfection.

3. We Are Handsome Scoop One Piece via Moda Operandi

Because it's a killer swimsuit, duh.

4. Don't You Take It Too Bad by Townes Van Zandt

Not only is this a fabulous old country song, the kind you should listen to while driving along an open stretch of road for no reason on a Saturday morning, but Townes Van Zandt has such a cool name. He's the one who said the Wilder Words last week about Blaze Foley, and I love him. Though sadly, he's dead. Makes the song even more romantic.

5. Brad's Kale Chips:

Last week I said that I was going to try to make kale chips over the weekend. That did. Not. Happen. So I bought these bad boys instead, and they're insanely good. They're raw and vegan, and while those terms (especially combined) usually freak me out a bit, it turns out that I can eat a whole box of dehydrated kale coated in vegan cheese pretty quickly.

6. Kenzo for Vans Summer 2012 Collection:

Yes, please! I absolutely adore these sneaks. Remember when I said Vans was having a moment? I was right. Opening Ceremony founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim took over Kenzo in 2011; they've certainly pumped a bit of American spunk into the Parisian fashion house. Especially with this collaboration.

7. This vintage London Underground map cuff and this vintage Paris map iPhone 4/4s case, both via Etsy

Because I'm leaving to go to London and Paris a week from today! My dad's birthday present to my mom was to send us both for a week. I'm hoping he surprises us and meets us in Paris (that's a hint, pops). I think the two objects above use old maps in a lovely way.

8. Emma's Pizza in Cambridge's Kendall Square

I went here with my boyfriend before a Celtics game on Tuesday (my first NBA game ever! I loved it!) and can honestly say I've never had better thin crust pizza. If you're in Cambridge this weekend looking for a delicious, cozy, and slightly hipster-ish dining experience, Emma's is your spot.

Free Cabin Porn:

One of my friends whom I haven't talked to in a long time sent me this website the other day in a Facebook message. She said she thought it was something I'd like, judging from what I'd been posting about, and she was right! She was also sure to mention the site is not actual porn but a collection of photos of beautiful, small houses (it seems to be "tiny house day" on TWT). One of my favorite aspects of blogging is how it's connected me to old friends and led me to new ones in really wonderful, touching, surprising ways.

Thanks for passing this along, Christy! And anyone else, if you see something you think I'd like, never hesitate to reach out to me!

10. Le Crueset Mug

Because it's Le Crueset (the best stoneware out there), it's kind of ombre (gradually fading colors), and it seems to be, along with "tiny houses week," "drink out of things week." Also, because I posted a Sesame Street mug last week, I had to redeem myself with something a bit more adult.

11. Foods/Drinks to make over the weekend: 

Avocado Asparagus Tartine via 101 Cookbooks

Ginger Sangria via Food52

Strawberry Crumb Cake via Canelle et Vanille

Hemingway Daquiri via Cocktalia

Flat and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies via Bon Appetempt (because flat and chewy is just how I like them).

May your weekends be lovely, restful, and full of fun!

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  1. Love it Char!!! I'm really into those mason jars. I used to do the same thing during class - I will never let go of my mason jars :) I think it's a Maine thing.


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