Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wilder Style: What to Wear with Alberto Fasciani Oxfords (or) My Mama's Got Some New Shoes

"I just found the most perfect pair of shoes in the word, Char," was the first thing my mother said when I answered my phone the other day. She was in Alan Bilzerian, breathless with the thrill of finding that which hits the aesthetic sweet spot. I didn't initially get as excited as she, but once I saw the shoes, it was game over. These Alberto Fasciani oxfords prove that mother does know best: they are just about the most perfect pair of shoes in the world (more after the jump).

The other day I wrote about Dieppa Restrepo's shoes. I called the post "In Praise of Simplicity." I could call this post the same; these Fasciani shoes let supple Italian leather, sensual lines, and delicate laces take center stage. I love the curved seam of the middle panel as it swoops back to meet the sole--it breaks up the shoe in such a way so that it doesn't look too flat or too long, which can happen with an oxford. Instead, the proportions are spot on, and they make the foot look small, light, and agile (though to be honest, my mom has small feet, so she has an advantage over those of us who, for lack of a better term, have huge-ass feet).

My mom, while I was taking pictures of the shoes, started standing in ballet poses. I would have, too; they practically beg for the delicate movement of a dancer, don't you think? What would you wear them with? I'd be tempted to pair them with denim overalls (though I believe the correct term is now "jumpsuit." psh...try telling that to my third grade self) like this NSF one via Shopbop:

Or maybe with a longish skirt and a tee like this Willowbrush Skirt and Stripefade tee via Madewell:

They call out for a cool hat and crossbody bag, too, don't you think? I'd go for these awesome Rag & Bone hats my mom and I found at the Newbury Street store a few weeks ago:

As for a about this Tillary Purse from J.Crew?

And now, more Fasciani photos to make you drool:


 Even the soles are adorable!


  1. Amazing find - that's some mother you've got! ;)


  2. rajendravirgianti@ymail.comApril 16, 2012 at 1:10 PM

    like it too,,,is it expensive??


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