Monday, March 26, 2012

Wilder Style + Musings: 5 Patterned, A-Line Skirts (or) What I Wore to Look Like a '60s Housewife

There's nothing as wonderful as a birthday party. But even better than a birthday party is one where you get to dress up like a housewife from the 1960s. Last night was such an occasion, as I celebrated my birthday with friends and family wearing an ensemble that I thought did the costumes on Mad Men justice. My mom and one of my best friends dressed up, too, and we all agreed that it was a bit strange to be cooking and getting ready for a party in our outfits. It actually felt like I had stepped back in time and was waiting for my husband to come home with his friends for dinner, fedora and briefcase in hand (more after the jump).

I'll tell you more about my birthday in a Wilder Musings coming soon, because I have a few thoughts and stories I want to share. In the meantime, check out these five patterned, A-Line skirts that will help any woman channel her inner Better Draper or Peggy Olsen ( I don't think Joan would have worn these, because she goes for the more form-fitting variety). I chose to feature this style of skirt because while it does speak to the Mad Men aesthetic, it's also current and fashion forward enough that you won't look like your grandmother actually looked fifty years ago. You'll only hint at it. And prints are so in these days.

My outfit last night consisted of a DKNY skirt from about 7 years ago, a J.Crew cardigan and tank, and MaraisUSA pumps. Click each photo below to go to the site where you can buy the item:

This first skirt is vintage Versace from the '80s. I love the elaborate pattern of the vines, and the contrast of the gold on the green. It would look great with a fitted black sweater, don't you think? And, of course, some killer pumps.

I think it's the birds on the bottom half of this Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt that makes me love it so much. The skirt looks like your standard edition stripe (albeit in great colors), and then you notice the little birdies, and the skirt's status goes from want to need. It looks like something Sally Draper, the adorable 12 year-old played by Kiernan Shipka, would wear with frilly socks and oxfords.

Oh, 10 Crosby by Derek Lam, how you get me. I just adore 10 Crosby's colors and cuts; they're bold and brave while remaining wearable and young. This skirt would be great for work or a night out, or even a weekend day outfit if you paired it with some lovely little sneakers.

The yellow of this Oaks by Ferre vintage is such an awesome '70s color. I love the bold geometric pattern; it works because the skirt is long enough to allow for the asymmetry of the design. I'd wear this with a cream-colored, loose-knit sweater. It would look great with a sunhat, too, don't you think?


This Darling skirt is a little more contemporary than the others, but I really like the nude color and the white pattern. You could dress this up in all sorts of ways, making it boho-chic with some gladiator sandals and a cross-body bag, or dressing it up with heels and a sparkly tank. The options are endless!

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  1. the last one is looking very comfortable... not too short, not too long. I am 5' 4" and it comes to mid thigh. Also the sizing was good...


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