Monday, March 19, 2012

Wilder Style: 6 New Toms Shoes for Spring/Summer

It's always a bit of a let down when something you've loved for a while goes mainstream and becomes ubiquitous. I first found out about Toms when one of my best friend's sisters interned there in the summer of 2007, a year after Blake Mycoski founded the company. And yet as the company grew in popularity I was never bummed out, because the more people who know about the company, the better off the world is. This is because Toms, as they say, is a "one-for-one" business; every time you buy a pair of shoes or sunglasses a child in need gets footwear or eyewear (or eye surgery, in some cases). I still love their products, too, so it's with great pleasure that I went through their website and picked out my new favorite shoe styles for spring. Their "classics" never get old, but they've also branched out and added wedges, ballet slippers, and sneakers to the mix (more after the jump).

The shoes above are the Blue Women's Bimini Stitchouts. I love the red lacing and the stitching across the toe; it reminds me of the sewing on sails (hence the name "bimini," the open air cover atop a boat that shades sailors from the sun). And the little toggle on the back is adorable.

These Sand Alarco Women's Desert Botas are awesome. They'd look great with rolled up jeans, shorts, or even a longish skirt and a cross-body bag for a boho-chic look. I love the sand color and the subdued colors of the details at the top. The laces complete the look with the diamond pattern. Really lovely.

The Freetown Yellow Women's Classics are perfect for summer as they'd let in a lot of air around your foot. The material looks kind of retro, too; I think Nana has some place mats that look like these. They're very fifties.

I think these Silver Crochet Women's Classics are so pretty. They have the cutouts the same way the Freetowns do, but they're a little more girly. Love the silver.

Speaking of girly, these Pink Primrose Women's Vegan Classics will put flower power back into your wardrobe. They're pretty funky, no? I dig the print and the colors; the little pops of purple and yellow are unexpected and work well with the pink and green.

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  1. Ok, there's just too many cute TOMS styles to choose from this season. I sure am diggin' those botas and of course the Biminis, and crochet, and, and, and, etc.



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