Monday, March 26, 2012

10 Things I Like: Cleanliness First (for Ladies AND Gents!)

We all have our little habits, especially when it comes to keeping clean. We've got the soaps, lotions, and potions we swear by, and generally care just as much about what we carry them in, too. I know someone (who will remain nameless) whose favorite deodorant isn't carried in most drugstores, so he orders it in bulk from And hey, do you blame him? If it ain't broke...(things I like after the jump).

So what are some of my favorites? And my recommendations? Read on, and you shall learn all about how I stay smelling fresh as a daisy. Most of the time. Click the photos for the link.

1. Paul Smith Dop Kits:

Ok, these I don't actually own (way to start strong, Char). But I wish I did. They're technically made for men, but I think they're just the coolest little toiletry carriers I've ever seen. Pricey, too, but still very cool.

2. Izola Soaps:

These soaps get me mainly because of the packaging. But I also love that they're unscented, and the oatmeal-infused bars are nice and gentle on my skin.

3. Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser:

This stuff saves my hair, no matter what the season. I'm a swimmer, and in the winter it keeps the chlorine from turning my hair green or making it brittle. In the summer, it protects it from sun damage. It also doubles as a body cleanser, so it saves me from having to bring one more bottle of stuff to the gym when I shower there after swimming.

4. Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer:

I've posted about this stuff before, but I'm posting again because it's still my go-to (I also use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream when it's been a particularly grueling skin day). Malin + Goetz's products leave my skin feeling fresh and clean--I hate oily-feeling moisturizers. This is not one of them.

5. Diptyque Body Lotion:

Diptyque candles smell like bits of heaven. I often wish I could smell as good as they do--and with this lotion, I can!

6. Bliss Fabulips:

I think I like this mainly because of the name. Fabulips. Clever.

7. Baxter of California Vitamin E-D-A Cleansing Bars, Italian Lime:

Baxter is my new toiletry crush. They have such great packaging and clean smells. This soap is technically for men, but soap is soap, right? I kind of like masculine smells anyway.

8. Mason Pearson Pocket Brush

I grew up with one of these brushes. Sadly, the handle broke a few years ago, but I kept it for sentimental reasons. Mason Pearsons, while expensive, are worth it. Mine lasted fifteen years. And talk about great package design...

9. Walker Mesh Bags

I keep some of my lotions in a Walker Mesh bag when I travel. I originally bought it to hold pens and pencils, but soon realized how convenient it is for holding my bath and body stuff. Aren't they pretty and fun?

10.Moroccanoil Hair Treatment

Everyone and their mom uses this stuff now (no, really, my mom uses it) but it's still the best post-shower hair stuff around, so it gets a mention. The oil leaves your hair silky and smooth if you put a little in before blow-drying, and it even seems to make the drying process take less time. Gets rid of that pesky frizz, too. And smells heavenly.


  1. Gotta check the Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment for sure - I just did a hair 'experiment' with Golden Brown hair and after a mere 3 days I've accepted that blonde is just where it's at for me. And my hair will be needing some major love after color correcting tomorrow! :)


    1. You did!? How bold! I don't blame you for wanting to go back to blonde...I've walked the brown/blonde line for a few years now and blonde is really enticing. DEFINITELY use the MOil though, it will save your hair!


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