Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wilder Style + Musings: On Shopping, If I Were in Downton Abbey

New Orleans Options

A L C ruched silk dress, $595
A L C flare dress, $575
Vince short beaded cocktail dress, $495
TIBI jacquard dress, $440
Diane von F├╝rstenberg bodice dress, $385
Milly multi colored dress, $385
Diane von F├╝rstenberg silk chiffon dress, $375
McQ by Alexander McQueen high heel shoes, $475
Elizabeth and James open toe shoes, $325

I need a dress for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday in New Orleans. It’s getting to be dangerously close to DDay and I’ve got nothing. NOTHING! I'm at the point where if I find myself wearing my old BCBG dress from my sophomore year of high school semi-formal I’ll be upset, but not surprised. Speaking of, why do I still have that? Does anyone want a strapless red dress? Cheap. Let me know (more after the jump).

So I’m going on a dress hunt later today; I just watched the Downton Abbey finale and they go on a New Year’s Day shoot. Since I wish I could live my life like the Crawley's, and since I can’t hunt pheasants in my backyard (the neighbors complain) I must hunt clothes. Granted, I realize I’m lacking most things the Crawleys have (the mansion in the English countryside, the "lady" before my name, the enormous staff, and the means to pay said staff), but I’ve never let details stop me before.

Here’s how I’m going to attack the dress-hunt. I am going to put on my highest boots and my highest-collared hounds-tooth jacket, holster my wallet, and wade through the racks of dresses at a few choice hunting grounds. I’m going to bring my mother to act as my loader (sorry, Ma, but desperate times, you know?). Together we will debate the intricacies of each cut, color, and material before I pull the trigger. I want a colorful dress, or a dress with a cool cut. I might not hunt shoes, but if I do, I'd like them to be pink. And if not pink, patent leather. Above, I put together a group of the wild dresses I hope to see...though I'm open to a surprise find, of course.

Here’s where I’m thinking for locales: Barney’s in Copley is known for being a great breeding ground for the more rarefied species. We’ll probably have to trudge through the swamps of the Prudential Mall to see if the spring dresses have been born at Neiman Marcus as well. And I wouldn’t be opposed to spending some time in the forests of Louis Boston and Saks. Maybe I’ll even live-tweet the process (@TheWilderThings) to show you the critters I bag (and most likely have no followers left by the end of it).

Finally, my loader and I will most likely get a post-hunt coffee, served to us not by Carson the Butler, but instead by a somewhat-tattooed Boston hipster. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to load my wallet.

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