Friday, February 10, 2012

Wilder Style: The Hottest One Pieces You've Ever Seen

Didn't think you'd see "hot" and "one-piece" in a sentence together, did you? These full-coverage suits from Black Milk are changing the game in one pieces. You might wonder why I'm posting about swimsuits in February, and it's because my boyfriend's parents are off to the Carribean today. I got so excited for them that I got excited for me to get new suits for the summer, and came across these.

While some of the brand's stuff is on the trashier side of clothing, I think these suits have great (and pretty funny) patterns. I like how they take up the whole space--you're making a statement when you put one on. Which can be kind of fun, especially since anytime you wear a bathing suit you generally are making a statement, which would be, "I'm going to the beach/pool/lying on my front porch in a lawn chair." At least that's what the suit should be saying--if you've got one on for another reason, you should probably take it off (more after the jump).

Now, before you go thinking that only little girls at swim-camp rock the one pieces (though I did look good in my lime green Speedo, let's be serious), I want to make the case for the grown-up version.

1. They cover your stomach, and if you're self-conscious about your stomach, that helps your peace (one-piece, as it were) of mind.

2. They have more space for awesome designs.

3. You can swim laps or jump in waves without worrying that your top will fall off.

Without further ado, le suits:

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