Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wilder Style: Dress Hunting Part 1, (or) Rag and Bone's New Newbury St. Store!

I know I said I was going dress-hunting, Downton Abbey Style, on Tuesday, but I lied on two counts: I went yesterday instead, and I didn't wear my hounds-tooth jacket. However, I thought the Barbour coat was pretty good for playing the part of bird-killer, even though I was hunting clothes, not birds. Speaking of birds, I had a friend in college whose father used to hunt pheasants (can you tell it was a small liberal arts school in New England?) and he would put the dead ones in a special pocket that attached to the back of his Barbour. Anyway. Now that you're grossed out...(more after the jump).

Unfortunately my loader, the gorgeous and adorable woman above (who also happens to be my mother) and I didn't find a keeper dress on our hunt, and have to go again later today to stalk some more prey. We're thinking Barneys. But yesterday was lovely all the same, as we both got hair cuts at Jerel 119 and then meandered along Newbury Street in the unseasonably warm air. We went into several stores, such as DKNY, Marc Jacobs, and Diane Von Furstenberg, and I had a few episodes of almost fainting in the dressing rooms because I didn't feel well. But that only made me feel more Downton-esq, because I'm under the impression that women fainted all the time in the early 1900s. 

After sticking my nose in a few smelling salts (ie: drinking some water that the nice sales woman at DVF gave me) my mom and I ended up in the Rag & Bone store that just opened. It's a beautiful space--big windows that let in tons of light onto exposed brick walls, with multiple levels in the back. The clothes this season are right up my alley; wide-legged pants with yellow and gray chevron prints, loose tees in turquoise slub cotton, and expertly tailored jackets and dresses. The Rag & Bone aesthetic has always appealed to me--they mix a masculine edge into their women's line while keeping the cuts feminine and pretty. David and Marcus know how to maintain a consistent feel season to season while remaining playful and adding new elements. I'm never disappointed.   

I loved the yellow and turquoise themes for spring. So springy! So festive! So happy!

I tried the dress on below to wear to the wedding. While it's flattering and could transition from day to night for wearing post-wedding, I'm a little wary about how revealing it is in the boob department. Not quite family-wedding appropriate. I think I might bring it back because it's too expensive not to be completely in love with it, you know? It does hurt me to say that, though. Ugh, clothes, you tear at my heartstrings.

And then I found these shoes. I'm about 6'2" with these bad boys on. I just love the cork platform and the leather straps, and I don't even have to mention the turquoise stripe but I will. Because I love it. But again, they're pretty aggressive, so I didn't pull the trigger.
I haven't bought any dresses in a while, so I don't have anything to wear to the rehearsal dinner, either. My trusty companion and I went into this little store up the street from Rag & Bone called Cotelac to remedy the situation. It's a French company whose dresses are sweet, whimsical, and look like they belong in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. I got the black dress below, and I'm very pleased with it; it's a great dress to rewear and rework with different styles. I think it would look good with high boots and leggings and a big sweater in winter, and equally as lovely with strappy sandals and a scarf in the summer. Not to mention a tan. That would be nice.

I really liked these gladiator sandals at Rag & Bone, too. Talk about attitude!

I wanted every single pair of the sunglasses by the register. It's like candy at the check out line, but for people with sunglasses cravings. Of which I am one. While these cravings won't make you fat, they will make you broke.

Here's a close-up of the hat I'm wearing in the first photo. If I wore hats, I'd wear this. I might wear it even though I don't wear hats. Maybe I'll start wearing hats?

This evening or tomorrow morning I'll post photos from the second hunt today. Hopefully it's successful and I don't have to wear my prom dress from high school to the wedding on Saturday. Not that it would fit...regardless, the wedding will be a fete to remember. Nana's excited.


  1. wear the prom dress!!! also love the navy and white rag and bone dress

  2. Thanks for the blog coverage on our store, so sweet!! :) Come back soon!!! - Juliana

  3. LOVE those gladiator shoes! And such a cute picture of you and your mom :)


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