Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wilder Style: Barney's and J.Crew Face-Off (or) Dress-Hunting, Part 2

It is with great joy that I announce I will have something to wear to the wedding! After a strenuous two-day hunt, my loader (mother) and I finally settled on something this afternoon. We went to Barney's and J.Crew (the necklace above is a nice snag from le 'crew). This week's hunt just made it clear why they're my two favorite stores: they always come through in my hour of need like a good servant on Downton Abbey (you knew there'd be a Downton reference soon, don't kid yourself). 

But, dear readers, I need your help: I couldn't decide in the stores which dresses I liked the best, so I took them all home with plans to return the ones that I don't end up wearing. Which means I need you to chime in with your opinion. Leave a comment with your choices or tweet at me (@TheWilderThings) once you've checked out my options (after the jump).

Also, I have to say that the sales people at both Barney's and J.Crew were fabulous today, but Lauren, a personal shopper at J.Crew, stole the show. She was kind and upbeat and beyond helpful, but most importantly, she did not come across as fake the way some personal shoppers can. In fact, I left with a new friend crush. Lauren, if you're out there reading this, let's hang: I'm back from New Orleans Sunday night.

Now for the clothes!

Rehearsal Dinner: 
Option 1: This dress from 10 Crosby by Derek Lam to the rehearsal dinner. It's fancy enough, especially if I paired it with heels, and great for night. It doesn't feel too wedding-y which I like for the dinner before the big day, you know? I feel good about it.
Option 2: This top that I got at J.Crew with a pair of tight black pants and a pretty cardigan.


Option 1: A 3.1 Philip Lim dress
Option 2: A J.Crew dress. Basically, this post should be called "J.Crew Vs. Barney's: A Fight to the Death." They're pretty much the same color, so at least I was consistent in my indecision, right? Whatever. Help.

And finally, my favorite part. The shoes! These snakeskin sandals from J.Crew stole my heart and are not up for debate, so if you hate them, please don't tell me. Barney's didn't have a chance in this category (especially since all the shoes I was drawn to there were upwards of 800 dollars--I couldn't do it).

So what's your vote for my outfit for rehearsal dinner and wedding? Help me readers, I'm lost in a sea of choices. Of course, they're the best kind of choices, but still. Tweet at me @TheWilderThings or leave a comment to help a sister out. 

Also, total side note: I took the photo below at 5:36. How amazing is it that the was still light in the sky!? I'm beyond thrilled.


  1. I vote j.crew simply because the Derek Lam and Philip Lim are both essentially the same shape, although certainly different styles. might be nice to break it up a bit.

  2. Oops - this might not help since I'm voting totally opposite of the first vote, but.... the Derek Lam dress is AWEsome!! And the Philip Lim dress has a great silhouette. That's just my 'umble opinion.



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