Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wilder Style: 7 Pieces of For Spring (or) A Rhyming Ode to Chambray

Some folks like cotton, 
or think that they oughten,
while some prefer fleece,
and never will cease.

A few fancy gauze,
some lace on their bras,
and fur on their jackets
(if they can hack it) (more rhymes after the jump).

Gentlemen in tweed?
I'll admit there's a need,
and lasses and lads
can embrace the plaid.

But I'm of the mind,
worn in front or behind,
that no fabric, I say,
is as good as chambray!

I did minor in poetry writing in college, so don't beat yourself up if you're not as well-versed as I. As for the content of this post, I realize that chambray isn't a new fad, but I still totally love it, especially as today felt like spring! Chambray is the perfect lightweight material to liven up a wardrobe as the warm weather approaches, and goes with EVERYTHING, minus jeans that are the same hue...unless you're into the Canadian tuxedo look. But as long as the denim is either a different shade of blue or you're so gorgeous that you could get away with murder, go for it. 

I thought I'd pick some of my favorite chambray pieces and share them with you, delightful readers. The pants above are  10 Crosby Derek Lam Chambray Wide Leg Pant via Moda Operandi.

Chimala Chambray Workshirt via Madewell

Woolrich John Rich & Bros via Barneys NY

J.Crew Keeper Chambray Shirt via J.Crew, duh.

Hadleigh's Embroiderd H Gentleman's Loafer via Neiman Marcus. I'd wear these even though I'm pretty sure they're for men and my name doesn't start with an H.

Boy. By Band of Outsiders Cotton Chambray Shirtdress via Saks.

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