Monday, February 27, 2012

Wilder Pictures: New Orleans Street Shots (or) Murals, Monuments, and the Mississippi

New Orleans stole my heart this weekend, so in return I stole a few stills with my Nikon. Here's the first batch, photos of the walk we took to get to the Garden District. The photos above I took from the top floor of the Hotel Monteleone before we set off on our jaunt. Just look at the mighty Mississippi, isn't it amazing? I got overwhelmed when I stood next to it. It's remarkable how powerful it is and how high, too; Jackson Square, a few hundred yards away, actually looked lower than the river. It's easy to see how it floods (more after the jump).

The streets we walked were gritty, lined and laden with remnants of Mardi Gras the week before. I marveled at the beads, the abundance of purple, green and yellow, and the boarded up buildings. But the grandeur of the city was evident, too--I loved the wrought iron gates, the bright colored doors, the streetcars rolling by. Here, all of it:

In my seminar on Cold War history during my senior year of college we read the book Bitter Fruit by Stephen Schlesinger and Stephen Kinzer about the CIA assasinations in Guatemala during the Cold War. Lobbyists and politicians with stock in the United Fruit Company were instrumental in the planning of the illegal activities, so it was wild to look up and see this grand archway bearing the company's name on the streets of New Orleans. The book is really well done, I recommend checking it out if you're curious to learn more.

Mardi Gras remains.

A funny dog statue. 

Money might not grow on trees, but beads do in New Orleans.

Loved this wrought iron gate. 

I thought these textures and colors were beautiful together. 

Satue of Robert E. Lee. Toto, we're not in the North anymore.

A dilapidated building. 

I don't know what this house was, but it looked lovely perched there in front of the big new building behind it.

Named desire?

An underpass.

I liked how the color of this hotel matched the yellowing grass.

A front porch.

Milling around in front of Dat's Grocery.

Fat cats. 

In the words of my mother "If I lived in New Orleans, I would put the weirdest stuff on my front lawn and in my house."

More textures and colors. 

Everyone looks good in Mardi Gras beads.

The station wagon on the left remidns me of my grandparents' and uncle's old cars I wrote about on Friday. 

Magazine Street.  

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  1. I love these shots, Charlotte - especially the top aerial views - so beautiful! G and I will most likely make a short trip to New Orleans this June (hot!! yikes!!) but I'm super excited.

    Speaking of, have you ever watched Treme?...



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