Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wilder Musings: On Seeing Loved Ones and Taking Myself on a Date

I’m on the train back to Boston. We’re somewhere in Connecticut or Rhode Island, I think, though I couldn’t be sure because I slept for the first hour and forty-five minutes of the trip. I am tired. This week was a whirlwind; I was constantly going to meetings and shows all over Manhattan. By no means am I complaining—I was so thrilled and lucky to be doing and seeing what I was. I’ll be posting about my adventures among New York’s fashion elite probably next week as tomorrow I’m busy on a shoot for Boston Mag for a lot of the day. But for now, I have a few minutes, and thought I’d write about some lower-key experiences that were really the best parts of the trip (more after the jump).

My favorite part about going to New York is getting to see the people I love who live there. I stay with my cousin and his girlfriend in TriBeCa, and another one of my cousins lives out in Brooklyn. I’m an only child and I’ve always treasured my cousins, and now my cousin’s girlfriend as well, because they’re the closest thing I have to siblings. We grew up together, and as the cousins on my mom’s side, the ones in NYC now, are all older than I, I’ve idolized them my whole life. As we’ve gotten older, they’ve become some of my best friends. I wish we lived in the same place, but with the amount I’ve been in New York lately (and their kindness in letting me crash at their apartment), it’s been the next best thing. We went to lovely dinners and even enjoyed homemade pot de crème. Such a treat. 

Speaking of cousins, one of them is getting married in New Orleans not this Saturday but the next! My mom, dad, boyfriend and I fly down on Friday for the rehearsal dinner and then the wedding on Saturday. I can’t wait to explore the city for the brief time I’ll have there. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

I also got to see one of my dear friends from high school while I was in NYC. She came to the Emerson fashion show with me on Valentine’s Day (during which I drooled over both the clothes and the soundtrack). We tried to spot famous people (Miss Jay Alexander, the walking coach from America’s Next Top Model, was there) and gossiped. It was heavenly. So were drinks after the show—it was such a treat to have time with her to just catch up. She’s going places. When she opens her own online mega-boutique I’ll reveal her identity ;)

I saw an old friend I haven’t seen in years, and met some new friends, too. I lucked out in that I was able to fill my week with amazing people. But I also got to spend some time with myself. And that was just as nice—I took myself out to dinner on Valentine’s Day because my boyfriend and I weren’t in the same place. And it was perfect. I had a tuna melt and some white bean soup with a glass of Reisling and even got myself a piece of pie for dessert. I highly recommend taking yourself out on a date every once in a while. I didn’t even read anything, I just sat there after a hectic day, leaned back in my chair, and looked around. Such a luxury to have some time to hear your thoughts, you know?

I’ll post about Fashion Week soon. But in the end it’s the people I love, not the places, things, or credentials, that matter. I wanted to give them the credit they are due.

My date with myself, from wine to coffee:

Cousin Emma: 


  1. "me-dates" are awesome and essential and only really possible when you're mature enough to want them.


  2. I love you too, cousin Char.


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