Monday, February 6, 2012

Wilder Happenings: The Super Bowl That Became Sad (A Photo Essay of Mostly Food + Me in Hipster Glasses)

Being a Patriots fan, I can't really say much about last night. All I can say is that I did enjoy that the misery was shared. Sports incorporate the most primal elements of tribal warfare--they bring people on the same side together, for better or worse. So I guess instead of a post on how awesome Tom Brady and Giselle are (they're still awesome, it's just too soon) here are pictures of food that my friends and I ate. Above, the infamous Doug from Friday's post. His outfit didn't disappoint; you can't really see it, but there are Pats logos on his sneakers (more after the jump).

Avocados. Or as Aziz Ansari's character Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation would say, "pre-guacs."

And then one of my friends made Rotel and I thought I would die a) because it was so good and b) because I ate too much of it. 

 A portion of the spread. There was way more.

It was a big party (25 people or so) so we had two viewing rooms. Here, lonely crab dip in the second room.

It was joined by sliders. Lonely no more.

And then the game got really stressful so I resorted to taking pictures of myself in glasses without prescriptions.

And then the game got depressing, and I stopped taking photos.


  1. just stumbled upon your blog. love your header.

    fun post. those pants!

    1. Thank you Taylor! I checked yours out too--really lovely :) Please do keep reading!


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