Monday, January 30, 2012

A Wilder Giveaway: 3 Readers Will Win a J.A.C.H.S. Shirt!

Last week I posted about the fabulous company Just A Cheap Shirt's Fall 2012 line. Most of you probably wished you could pluck the shirts right off the hangers, right? Well great news: YOU CAN!

I'm thrilled to announce that The Wilder Things and J.A.C.H.S are giving away shirts to 3 lucky winners. Here's how you can enter the drawing; it's super easy (after the jump).

1. Follow both The Wilder Things and J.A.C.H.S. on Twitter.
2. "Like" The Wilder Things on Facebook.
3. Either post the link to the give-away on your FB page or re-tweet any tweet about the giveaway to win!

[If you're not on Twitter or Facebook but still want to win a shirt, send three friends an email with the link to the giveaway instead of re-tweeting or "liking." Forward me the email at so I know you want to be entered.]

The giveaway will run all week, and next Monday I'll announce the winners. All the shirts are available in all sizes, so you're guaranteed one that fits. And ladies, don't worry about the fact that these are labeled as men's shirts--they're designed to work on women too, and are perfect for the "borrowed from the boys" look that everyone from J.Crew to Balenciaga are playing with these days.

Here's what you're playing for. May the best reader win!

The Brad Shirt. 


The Blake Shirt. 

The Thomas Shirt. 


  1. omg, you just made my day! I don't have fb or twitter. So, I will be sending emails to my frds about this giveaway & the link. God, I am so excited! First post :)

  2. Tenzin's friend here. I am also participating. Wait for my mail.

    Btw, awesome giveaway, I tell you ;)

  3. I recently came across this company, and I love their shirts. I was wondering if there was an online retailer that had a more comprehensive collection for sale somewhere. I have seen a few sites with select styles, but none with a large enough selection. Thanks! GL to all the contestants! I'd join the contest, but I'm one of "those" no-twitter people ;P


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