Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Alex MacLean's Aerial Photography

Atlantic City, NJ

Aerial Photographer Alex MacLean's work isn't just beautiful, it's important. Alex has taken images America's sprawling cities and suburbs, documenting our nonchalant attitude towards our environment and the way we organize ourselves in it (one of my friends wrote her thesis on sprawl using photos Alex took). What makes Alex's work so incredible is the level of destruction he can show you while making you gasp at how stunningly pleasing it is to look at. His composition is flawless, his technique impeccable. 

Here are some of his photographs from his show Along the Shore that was on display last year at the Clark Gallery, in Lincoln, MA (where both Alex and I are from). These focus on where water meets land, sometimes as it would naturally, and other times as we have made it (after the jump).

Ocean City, MD, 2011

Tremont, ME, 2010

Larsen, Oahu, HI

Houston, Y TX, 2010

Larsen, 2011

Goodyear, AZ

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  1. I love these! It all looks like little cool.



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