Friday, December 30, 2011

Wilder Style: 2 New Years Eve Looks, Menswear Edition



Soooo I did the NYE post for women and one of my guy friends asked me if he should wear a full suit or jeans with a blazer. And my answer was, "I guess I have to do a men's NYE outfit post, then." But as to the actual question, it depends, of course, where you're going (more after the jump).

I'd say if you're going to a more causal party jeans are totally fine, even though I'd be inclined to wear some fun colored pants because New Year's is a great excuse to wear festive clothes. Of course you can still wear jeans like these Left Field Jeans from Blue in Green Soho...

...but you could also go for something exciting, like these Appache Croise Petrol Trousers from The Up There Store...

...and they would look fabulous with a cardigan or blazer like this London's Burning Grey Melange Cardigan...

I'd pull the look together with Oak Street Boot Company's Navy Boat Shoe from Boylston Trading Co for a more casual house party:

On the other hand, if you're heading to a big fancy shindig, by all means go for a suit. I'd say the Ludlow Suit from J.Crew at the top of the post is pretty nice. I also like this Theory Tailor Xylo suit in Navy...

...from Ball and Buck. And of course you'd need these Peccary Gloves from Dents (Dents is awesome, I got my boyfriend a scarf from them for Christmas)...

...that I found from James McNally's awesome blog. You'd need shoes, too, so go for the Stacy Adams Madison Shoe...

Now go celebrate and kiss the girl of your dreams come 12 o'clock!


  1. Sorry for pushing you into an additional article. Great work though. Two thoughts:

    1) I really like the Boylston Trading Co boat shoes.

    2) I actually have that Ludlow suit from J. Crew in Navy... so you just made up my mind.

    - Caddy

  2. Dan. First of all, never ever apologize for "making" me post more--I'm addicted, so it's great ;) and secondly, FANTASTIC taste with that suit, definitely wear it. And thirdly, BTC is the shit. Thanks for reading, can't wait to see you back at 66!


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