Monday, December 26, 2011

Wilder Pictures: A Very Merry PA Christmas

 I spent Christmas this year with my boyfriend and his family at their home outside of Philadelphia. Even though I'm a good (more or less) little Jewish girl, my dad isn't Jewish, and we usually celebrate with his side of the family. It's a pretty secular tradition, and of course I love it, but it was a nice change to experience a Christmas with a spiritual component (and it turns out I love singing carols in church). And, because Channukah and Christmas overlapped this year, I got to light the candles and meld my family's tradition with theirs (more after the jump).

We ate wonderful home-cooked meals, played Scrabble by the fire, went for a walk and tossed a football, and lazed about as one should on Christmas. Here are some photos I took of the festivities, complete with a Poster the Cat photo-shoot at the end (couldn't help it, a cat in a Jester collar begs to be photographed).

The tree with presents. I'd be lying if I said I slept soundly the night before...turns out waking up early on Christmas isn't just for little kids.

Our Christmas Eve spread. We made a really yummy Greek lamb dish for Christmas dinner, but I was too excited about it to photograph it. Wish I had! This dinner of salmon, rice, roast carrots, beets, and salad was pretty tasty, too, though.

The Christmas table waiting for our wonderful lamb.

Poster got presents from Santa Cat!

Mmm pear tart.

I got a stocking!

My awesome present from my boyfriend. More on that later!

The traditional eggs Benedict.


Acrobatic kitty.

Poster got a jester collar for Christmas.

Cat in a box.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic Christmas! And Poster is so cute!



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