Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wilder Pictures: My 1st "Behind The Design" for Boston Magazine

I'm prettttty excited about this (if you follow my twitter feed, you'll already know that)...the first post for a series I'm doing for Boston Magazine went up yesterday! The series is called "Behind the Design," where I write about and take photos of different design concepts in restaurants. The first one was about the menus and business cards that Albertine Press designed and made for Backbar, an offshoot of Journeyman in Somerville, MA. You can read the whole post on Boston Magazine's restaurant blog, Chowder. After the jump I've put up some shots that didn't make it into the story.


They don't mess around at Backbar: all the juice is squeezed fresh before they open each day.

And all the ice chipped by hand.

This was my favorite detail. Backbar is in a space that used to be a car garage, and the filled in concrete is where the oil used to drain out of the building. I love little stories like this; they give such character to spaces, and keep the history alive of the places that are no longer there.

Love the red.


Probably the coolest bar shelves I've yet to see. Made of pressed plywood shavings and resin. 

Oh man, do I love the design of liquor bottles or what...

The shutter outside Journeyman that's depicted on their business cards that Shelley Barandes of Albertine Press designed and printed (next photo). 

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