Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wilder Pictures: Kparfum and his Didgeridoo

I recently went to the Brickbottom Artist's Association in Somerville to the opening of an exhibit that Pier Gustafson, artist and calligrapher, curated of artists' interpretations of toys and games. I'll post more on that with pictures later, but one of the best parts of the whole event was getting to meet a man who goes by the name Kparfum, pronounced Par-foom (the k is silent, he told me with a wicked grin). He and a few other people weld bikes together in strange ways so they become larger and more elaborately shaped than a standard bicycle: (waaay more after the jump)


They call themselves a gang, ride around Cambridge, and go by their street names. Kparfum contributed to the toys and games show with this colorful and pretty hilarious didgeridoo. He was one of the kindest people I've run into in a long time, and I had such fun taking these pictures. His vitality and spirit really shine through. 

Nodding vigorously.

I think the blur looks cool.

All packed up and ready to ride.


  1. This guy reminds me a lot of some of the street performers in Burlington. They're always down on Church St playing instruments, wearing masks, drumming, and riding crazy looking bicycles. It's pretty entertaining - there's one didgeridoo player in particular who's very talented, and has kind of a one-man-band with his tambourine and wooden drum. Mesmerizing.

  2. Kparfum! Awesome. His bikes, didgeridoo, and style are fantastic!


  3. Hahah isn't he the best? Thanks for reading, Cortnie, always love your comments :)

  4. And Rob, I clearly have to get to Burlington soon. The pictures one could take there...


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