Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wilder Beatz: Two Songs from Neon Indian

I've loved Neon Indian since "Deadbeat Summer" came out in 2009. It was such a languid, lolling, appropriate song for driving around with the windows down on hot, hot days (more, as always, after le jump).

I'd sort of lost track of what the band was up to since that song, but then "Polish Girl" came out this September, and I was hooked on NI all over again. I love the high notes in the beginning, and how the beat builds up. I also have to say I really like neon colors, so that might play into it a little? But seriously, give both tracks a try, because they manage to both calm me down and jazz me up at the same time. Not sure how that's possible? Listen to them and you'll see what I mean.

Download Neon Indian Deadbeat Summer

Neon Indian Polish Girl


  1. I think my friend Allie from Painted Face has played shows with them - cool!


  2. No way! That's so awesome! I'll have to check out Painted Face. Looove Neon Indian, thanks for checking it out!


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