Friday, December 16, 2011

Wilder Beatz: Sweet Syncopated Jams for your Weekend

In honor of the holiday parties that are taking place all over the world this weekend, I'm posting three songs with great beats and syncopated rhythms that I think would be good backdrops for gatherings of celebratory nature (after the jump).

The first, "I'll take Care Of U" by Jamie XX (Carl Cunow's current fave) features some awesome gravely vocals. King Charles' "Ivory Road" has funny lyrics with awesome tempo changes throughout the track. The last, which doesn't have a title under the audio player for some reason, is Hot Chip's "Hand Me Down Your Love," a song I was obsessed with two summers ago. Enjoy the songs, and to all you party-ers out there, have a safe and awesome weekend. 

Download Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX Ill Take Care Of U

King Charles Ivory Road


  1. I'll Take Care of U is a cover of Take Care by Drake featuring Rihanna. Florence + the Machine also does a great cover of this.

  2. Oh cool! Thank you for the info. totally should have known that, haha.


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