Friday, December 30, 2011

Wilder Beatz: The Best Party Song of All Time

It's almost the new year, and what better way to welcome in the new than with the old. So I present to you one of my all time favorite songs (more after the jump).

There's literally no better track to dance to than this, Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out."You may recognize it as the sample in "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" (which I'm including in the post). When I used to teach sailing, my co-instructors and I would crank this up on the shitty boombox we had in the boat club, and we and the kids we taught would whirl around the little room of our rickety building as the rain beat on the thin roof.

But besides the memories it holds for me, this is the perfect silly-dancing song: the build-up is suspense at it's finest, and once that beat drops as only a motown beat can, it's game over. I hope you all groove to this during your New Year's Eve-ning.

Diana Ross I'm Coming Out

and, of course:

Download The Notorious BIG Mo Money Mo Problems feat Mase  Puff Daddy

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