Friday, November 25, 2011

Wilder Style: Caycee Black Look #s 4 and 5 and Delia Langan Hoops

Here are the final two Caycee Black looks from the New York shoot. Thanks so much for following along! In Look #4 I'm wearing a Caycee Black skirt and a Phillip Lim top, with Repetto shoes. I love the drape of the skirts and the tough print that contrasts with it. If I had to characterize Caycee's work I would say (I'm sure you can guess after seeing the previous looks) that it's brilliantly contrasting. The dark print on the light, draped material adds an edge to the skirt that could be a little too sweet without it. I also like the different lengths. Sarah and I thought the leather Phillip Lim shirt paired with the sparkly shoes played up the essence of Caycee's piece.

In Look #5 Sarah is wearing a Caycee sweater. I love this pattern--slightly punk-ish with a great cropped cut. We paired it with a black tank and J Brand pants. The pearls contrast the pattern of the sweater with their round shape. We shot this look in the staging area we used for the shoot; we thought the mess was visually interesting.

These awesome pyrite and gold earrings are by Delia Langan (click to see her awesome re-vamped site!). Next week stay tuned for shoots featuring goods from Eaton Trading Company and some coastal Wilder Pictures. Much love from Maine!

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  1. Where are Sarah's shoes from? T-straps are sexay. --Liz Beltran


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