Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wilder Style: Girl by Band of Outsiders via Eaton Trading Company

Dress: Girl by Band of Outsiders Tee Combo Tank Dress c/o Eaton Trading Company
Blazer: Vintage Jil Sander, c/o my mother. 
Body: mine

Love this piece that ETC lent me for the shoot. Mainly because who doesn't love pockets in a dress? Makes me feel like a little girl again.
It's also a flattering cut, and I love the black line that breaks up the tank--lends a bit of formality to it. I paired it with a vintage Jil Sander blazer from when she was still designing under her own name. Big thanks to my mama for hooking me up with that one. Shot in my family's house in Maine.

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  1. Did you shoot these with film? They're beautiful!



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