Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lust List: Men's Swag, by Julian Patterson

I'm thrilled to present guest blogger Julian Patterson. Julian is a writer for Complex Magazine, runs his own blog Heartless Handshakes, and has worked at Nue Talent Agency in NYC (as well as being a dear friend of mine from college). I'm glad he's back  in Boston; he's tapped into the chilly weather and put together a Lust List for me of the hottest men's items for the season. From classic to trendy, pricey to affordable, these lusts are top-notch choices from one of the best dressed guys I know. Thanks, Juls, you killed it! Readers, enjoy.

The Burberry trench coat is a timeless piece. It’s an investment, in fact. I know it’s hard justifying dropping almost $1000 on such a simple article of clothing, but this will stand the test of time. Simplicity is the key to a respectable gentleman’s wardrobe. 

A plain tie bar is a subtle accessory that says a lot about a man. It should complement you tie, not overpower it. It’s something people should notice, but at the same time it shouldn’t be the centerpiece of your outfit. It is an accessory, after all.

Snow in October? Yes, winter has come a little bit earlier than usual, so it’s time to start transitioning from your fall wardrobe to more appropriate attire.  And, yes, this includes footwear. These moccasins are hand-made in Maine with top quality leather and deer skin lining, which pretty much guarantees they’ll last a lifetime. $360 is well worth the investment.

Leather jackets are cool. This one in particular is on the more affordable end of the pricing spectrum at $125. The PU leather gives the jacket a consistent texture that is easier to clean and maintain, which is a huge plus because, let’s face it, what guy wants to spend his time tediously cleaning leather jackets?

As far as backpacks go, George Guest is one of the best. Not only are they quite stylish, but they are also built to last with 18 oz. treated canvas and full-grain leather base and trim details. This bag screams classic Americana. I wouldn’t be surprised if Indiana Jones embarked on his wild adventures with one of these on his back.

Color isn’t just for the spring and summer. Winter is festive; so don’t be afraid to dress like it. This acrylic cuffed beanie with pom pom is a great way to show off a bit of your personality. Supreme is an iconic brand and a staple in New York City skate culture. Early adopters, influencers, and curators wear Supreme.  Join the culture.

You can’t walk around in high-top moccasins all winter, so here’s another boot that is supremely crafted and will last you a lifetime. The Elkhart by Esquivel features hand burnished leather and vibram soles, which as far as I’m concerned is worth the $950 price tag. These will be as fashionable a decade from now as they are today.

Staying warm isn’t an issue when your sweater is 100% lambs wool. However, we cannot forget to mention the high collar shawl that provides that extra bit of protection from the harsh winter elements. Also, the wooden toggle that fastens at the collar is a nice touch that adds a subtle sartorial charm. Simple. Clean. Classic.

It’s time to throw away the ripped up, light washed American Eagle jeans and GAP carpenter jeans your mom bought for you in high school. Selvedged denim is the new standard nowadays. These Naked & Famous jeans are crafted from 14 oz. heavyweight denim, which will keep you warm throughout the winter.

There’s nothing like a gold watch, and since a Rolex is a little bit out of a recent college grad’s price range, this Nixon watch will have to due for the moment. For $200 you get the look without breaking the bank. So until your bank account grows, maintain your swagger properly with this timepiece.

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