Friday, November 25, 2011

Lust List: Leather Jackets

[All you vegetarians reading this, sheild your eyes. I'm about to unleash leather fury on you.]

I have a soft spot for leather and for leather jackets specifically. I don't own one, which breaks my heart, so I helped soothe the ache by searching for some of the best available and compiling this list for you, my lovely readers. If anyone reading this feels particularly generous, I'll take any of these in a size 6, please.

 1. Belstaff Air Bomber Jacket via J.Crew "In Good Company"

You all know I'm obsessed with J.Crew. That's no secret. But I'm also obsessed with the obsessions of J.Crew, namely the brands their sell through the "In Good Company" section of their website. The Belstaff jackets particularly get me--supple leater, perfect cuts, beautiful natural colors. The Air Bomber is my favorite. I would fly a plane to Timbucktoo for this one.

If there's one thing I ask my mother to give to me more than any other piece of clothing she owns, its her Rick Owens denim jacket. So what could be better than that? Well, look above this text, because now we've got leather involved.

I wear my Barbour everywhere, but I'd probably sleep in it if it were leather. Hence, the Barbour leather jacket on my Lust List.

 4. Rachel Roy Moto Jacket via

The texture on the front panel of this jacket is partly why I like it so much. And the color--look at that rich brown!

5. Balenciaga Motorcyle Jacket via Barney's.

Because if I had to wear one thing to make me look like a badass, it would probably be this. 

Now we get to something classic and not over a thousand dollars (leather ain't cheap, which is why most of these are Lusts and completely unrealistic). In fact, this one is under 500, and I think it looks pretty damn good. 

Another less expensive find: this camel colored jacket goes for $315. I love the color--it's so clean to match the even lines of the piece.

8. Vince Shearling Aviator Jacket via Barneys.

 In my last year of college I took a Russian Lit and Film class, and we watched the 1930's movie Circus. The hero, a handsome Russian devil who played an aviator, wore something close to this. While I'm glad I wasn't living under Stalin, I wouldn't mind living in this.

I hate when companies use models to show their stuff online because now I have some random chick up on my blog. But the jacket was too good not to feature, so here it is. Love the collar on this. 

10. Givenchy Short Jacket via Barneys.

 Because what could be better than staying warm while looking good?


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  2. I have a crush on that air bomber belstaff jacket, really to fly to Timbucktoo with this ON, haha! Fab winter stuff!

  3. haha i know, right?? the belstaff is definitely my favorite. thanks so much for reading!
    p.s. you have a fabulous site of your own!

  4. I have a crush on that air bomber belstaff jacket


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