Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beautiful Thing of the Day: Equipment Shirts via Josephine

According to Equipment's Twitter bio, "the Equipment woman is strong, chic, elegant, adventurous, sexy and above all, classic." If this woman exists I'd love to meet her. Or maybe I wouldn't, because
she'd be so sickeningly perfect that I'd puke after ten minutes. I love Equipment's shirts, but I think they could work on their copy and take it down a notch.

These shirts are all made of 100% silk, with designs from the almost-gaudy to the nautical. I'm a sailor and therefore a sucker for anything with anchors or sailboats on it. These avoid the nautically stupid trap because they're on silk, which multiplies the possibility for adventurous design; starting with a high quality fabric means you can take risks that would look cheap on a material less nice. And I've gotta hand it to them: Equipment's shirts nail the balance of "adventurous" and "classic," whether it's the funky yellow snakeskin or the lilting lines of sailboats that march across the silk. Just don't drink the KoolAid--there's not a thing you can put on that will make you as perfect as Equipment's blurb suggests. If you're that desperate there's always plastic surgery and life-coaching.

One of my favorite boutiques in Maine, Josephine, carries the line and I stopped in to take a few pictures when I was last up there. I'm going to do a more complete post on Josephine soon, but I wanted these to be the BTotD.

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