Friday, June 3, 2011

Hadley, New York: An Adirondack Adventure

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I went with my boyfriend James to visit his grandparents at their home in Hadley New York. We drove from Rockport, ME, down to Manchester, NH, through Vermont via rt. 4 (which I’m dying to see in the daylight), and finally into New York and over to Hadley. Hadley sits near Lake Luzerne and Lake George, and the damp lake air sifted through the car and the darkness as we pulled up the gravel driveway. It smelled like early summer should: fresh, sweet, and full of the promise of warmth, a sensation I welcome with open arms after a long, long, long winter in Waterville, Maine.

The place James’ grandparents have is stunning: three cabins set on a bluff with fields that slope back to woodlands. They are incredible people, well-read, well-traveled (they lived in Iran in the 50s and 60s) and kind beyond belief. His grandfather is also a woodworker, and I made a bowl on the lathe (a machine that turns the wood as you carve it)! We went swimming, made beautiful grilled dinners, played Frisbee…it was heavenly. Here are some pictures, enjoy!

The A-Frame and The Cabin



A few things I loved from the house put on the workbench.

The wall of the kitchen.

Me, hard at work on my bowl!

Aaaand I can't remember what this is called. But it's beautiful, no?


The wall of the wood-shop: hundreds of wooden hooks waiting to be hung!


  1. One the most beautiful places in the world, and some of the best people too. Love these photos!

  2. Thank you Davey!! Can't wait til you come to Maine...

  3. You have a boyfriend? Gross.


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