Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Image: View From Beech Hill, Late Summer

So I'm starting a new trend on the blog: Since I don't always have time to go on excellent adventures and take pictures of them because of a funny little thing called college, I thought I'd go to my stock photos and scrounge around to post at least one per day (or every several days, to give myself some leniency). I'm inspired by the brilliant Steff Deschenes, my new friend through the amazing Tory Gray, who posts daily about her dinner, her life, her bunny, and her general awesomeness. So I thought I'd up the frequency of the blog a bit! Hope you enjoy. We'll start off with...

Beech Hill Sun, August 30, 2010.

Listening to: "Through the Backyards" by Au Revoir Simone
I Like: "And the moon swept out to greet us, it was warm and made of flowers."

Also, be sure to watch Jon Stewart's speech from the Rally to Restore Sanity. It inspired me. I cried, if you must know, because Stewart is eloquent, kind, and above all, fair. We need more of the truth-telling and the risk he took in doing so today in America. A brilliant speech. A brilliant man...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Driving Down Rt. 173

Driving back from the coast to Colby the other weekend, I took a different route than my typical 17 to 32. The sun was gorgeous as it went down, as you can see from the picture above. I've never seen anything light up like that...

Here are a few shots, hope you all like them.


Lincolnville Center. Abandoned house with a tree's reflection.

Pond through the trees.

Abandoned house.

Lincolnville Center, the old General Store that my mother grew up going to in the summers. I used to go there too, until it went out of business, they ripped up the gas pumps, and locked the doors.

The old screen doors.

My shadow on the road.

Listening to: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. No explanation needed, I don't think...he's just so good.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rockland Breakwater

So this past weekend while home on the coast, I walked the Rockland Breakwater, the man-made jetty that protects Rockland Harbor from breaking waves (hence it's name). The project took 20 years starting in 1881, and is built of 700,000 tons of granite. It's a mile long and 60 feet wide at its base underwater. The weather was beautiful-- the perfect fall day where it's not yet too cold to be comfortable out but you definitely need all the layers you've put on. Here are some pictures!

The extending breakwater.

The clapboarded lighthouse at the end.

By the beach.

Breakwater Light.

D and T win the award for most adorable parents ever.

More beach scenes.

Who's that goofball?

Rosie did not like the cracks between the stones...

Listening to: Vocal Chords by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (because how can you not like a band with that name??)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Waterville, Waterville...

So since I crawled around Rockport's main drag the other day, I thought I might as well do the same in Waterville. The dilapidated buildings have always caught my eye and I've wanted to photograph them for a while. So, after having a wonderful breakfast at the local coffee shop (Jorgensen's) with some dear friends, I figured that the time was right to do so. I parked my car by the run-down Hathaway Shirt Factory and took pictures of the run-down factory with it's blown out windows. When my roommate Tory saw the pictures she said it looked like Warsaw after World War II...and you'll see that she's pretty much spot-on....

I stopped by Barrel's Community Market (where I became a member to get good deals on local produce!) as well as the Hathaway building, and even went into Blues Bar during the day to see what the place looks like when it's not overrun by Colby students on a Thursday night. I met one of the bartenders who turns out to be pretty amazing, but she'll get her own post soon. So enjoy the pictures, hope everyone's weekend is great!

The two greeters outside Barrel's.

The yellow squash invade the green squashes' quarters...according to my dad, at least.

Red onions.

Yellow onions.

Summer squash and leeks.


A fiddler, guitarist, and dog at Barrel's.

Back of Hathaway buildings on the Kennebec River.


Blown-out windows.

A creepy John Belushi statue at Blue's Bar.

Gothic Viper.

Only patrons...

Another creepy statue or a real man? You decide...


Mermaid sign.

Listening to: Sittin' By The Bayou- Danny Chaimson and The 11th Hour
Because: They're one of the best new bands out there, and worth the download. DO IT!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pascal Avenue

Sometimes the photo-bug bites and I have to obey. Such was the case this weekend when I was walking the dog with my mom and the light hit the side of the brick buildings in Rockport so beautifully that I realized if I didn't sprint home and get my camera I would loathe myself (which is never desirable). SO I spent the next two hours crawling around the streets like a crazy woman, snapping pictures in the middle of the road, side-walk, ocean, boatyard, you name are the best ones. Enjoy.

Brick and wood and a reflection.

Reflection in the Opera House.

Sunlit lamp post.

Window reflections on stucco.

Rockport, reflected.

Opera-house roof corner.


Haunted house at one six one.


Harbor at dusk.

Sunset reflected on a Camry.


Union Hall fire escape.

Concordia with a hole in the hull.

Golden harbor reflection.

Dock-house and dog.

Work boat and yacht reflected.

Gas cover.

Paint-stained pebbles.

Wheelbarrow dock.

Listening to: High On A Mountaintop-- Loretta Lynn
Because: a) She's amazing, b) I love her, and c) you should too.

Well we lay on our backs and we count the stars
'cause up here, folks, heaven's not that far.