Saturday, October 16, 2010

Waterville, Waterville...

So since I crawled around Rockport's main drag the other day, I thought I might as well do the same in Waterville. The dilapidated buildings have always caught my eye and I've wanted to photograph them for a while. So, after having a wonderful breakfast at the local coffee shop (Jorgensen's) with some dear friends, I figured that the time was right to do so. I parked my car by the run-down Hathaway Shirt Factory and took pictures of the run-down factory with it's blown out windows. When my roommate Tory saw the pictures she said it looked like Warsaw after World War II...and you'll see that she's pretty much spot-on....

I stopped by Barrel's Community Market (where I became a member to get good deals on local produce!) as well as the Hathaway building, and even went into Blues Bar during the day to see what the place looks like when it's not overrun by Colby students on a Thursday night. I met one of the bartenders who turns out to be pretty amazing, but she'll get her own post soon. So enjoy the pictures, hope everyone's weekend is great!

The two greeters outside Barrel's.

The yellow squash invade the green squashes' quarters...according to my dad, at least.

Red onions.

Yellow onions.

Summer squash and leeks.


A fiddler, guitarist, and dog at Barrel's.

Back of Hathaway buildings on the Kennebec River.


Blown-out windows.

A creepy John Belushi statue at Blue's Bar.

Gothic Viper.

Only patrons...

Another creepy statue or a real man? You decide...


Mermaid sign.

Listening to: Sittin' By The Bayou- Danny Chaimson and The 11th Hour
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  1. yes! this is great, represent. i would love a print of the club viper photo, can we arrange that mama?


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